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Oct 04th
Home Sections Ecology and the Environment PGMA Launches National Program to Help International Efforts to Curb Global Warming
PGMA Launches National Program to Help International Efforts to Curb Global Warming PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Ecology and the Environment
Saturday, 24 January 2009 04:01

P resident Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo today launched the government`s ambitious 14-pronged national program on sustainable development as the Philippines` contribution to the worldwide campaign to curb global warming.


The salient objectives of the program is the reduction of solid waste generation by 50 percent in six months to two years, the establishment of a rainwater collection system, reduction of fossil fuel consumption, massive information and education campaign on effects of climate change and promotion of chemical-free farming.

The President motored to Malacanang`s Material Recovery Facility (MFR) at the foot of Nagtahan Bridge this morning for the project launch. The five-year-old MRF is the first government-initiated facility of its kind in the City of

She was met by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Jose Atienza, Presidential Adviser on Global Warming and Climate Change (PACC) Heherson Alvarez, Deputy Executive Secretary for Finance Ching Vargas and local barangay officials.

O fficials of the Office of the President`s Engineering Office, which manages the facility, briefed the President on the process of composting the wastes from the Palace, the Office of the President, the Presidential Security Group (PSG) compound and the barangays around Malacanang.

The process includes the collection, segregation, shredding, mixing, re-shredding, and the weeklong ``cooking`` of the mixture of leaves, saw dust, food waste, soil conditioner and organic fertilizer.

The President then distributed the compost in plastic bags to some 200 residents who lined up to get the organic fertilizer. Engr. Edgardo Torres, head of the OP Engineering Office, reported to the President that his office sometimes runs out of compost because of the big demand for compost from residents in the area for urban agriculture. The facility produces some 200 liters of compost daily.

The MRF has been composting Malacanang`s dry wastes, including the fallen leaves of trees within the Palace complex, since the celebration of Philippine Earth Day on April 22, 2002.

The MRF was created under Executive Order 774 (EO), which the President signed last Dec. 26.

In issuing the EO, the President pointed out that “climate change is already impacting adversely on the world” and that it will “have catastrophic effects if immediate and sufficient action to curb industrial emissions and forest loss in not taken.”


“While our country`s emissions remain much lower in per capita terms than those of industrialized nations, our country`s recent growth and development have been accompanied by a rise in damaging emissions from fossil fuels,” she added.

The EO, which reorganized the PTFCC, mandates the creation of the following 14 task groups (TGs) and their main functions to work from all fronts to ensure the ``CPR`` - conservation, protection and restoration -- of Philippine natural resources.

These task groups and their functions are:

• Task Group on Solid Waste Management (DENR, DOH, MWSS) - reduce solid waste generation by 50-percent within six months to two years; identify and regenerate forest lands and protected areas.
• Task Group on Watershed Protection (DENR, CHED, NAPOCOR, SUCs, DOST) - undertake survey and mapping of protected areas and watersheds; conduct massive reforestation; mobilize the youth for inventory of flora and fauna; clear and restore all waterways.
• Task Group on Rainwater Conservation (DPWH, UAP) - establish rainwater collection system.
• Task Group on Water Recycling (NWRO, LWUA, DTI) - recover and treat used
• Task Group on Atmospheric Activities (DOST, PAGASA) - transform PAGASA into world class facility; attract the best Filipino scientists; develop local capability in weather sciences.

• Task Group on Fossil Fuels (DOTC, DPWH, DILG, OPACC, DBM) – reduce consumption on fossil fuels; reform transport sector, to include walking, cycling, and other human-powered vehicles; conduct consultations, mass media social marketing and mobilization campaign.

• Task Group on Information (PIA) - mobilize government media to inform the public on climate change and enjoin them on individual responsibilities.

• Task Group on Fisheries (DA, DILG) - audit implementation of Fisheries Code; conduct massive information and education campaign for coastal LGUs; identify and declare fish sanctuaries.

• Task Group on Agriculture (DA) - identify and delineate agricultural lands; promote chemical-free farming; utilize all public open spaces for sustainable urban farming.

• Task Group on Education (DepEd) - incorporate climate change component in the Science curriculum in all levels by school year 2009;

• Task Group on Foreign Affairs (DFA, DOJ) - coordinate with other island nations on climate change initiatives.

• Task Group on Renewable Energy (DOE) - implement Renewable Energy Law with urgency.

• Task Group on CPR Economics (NEDA, DTI, DOF, BOI, DOT) - promote CPR economics; formulate CPR Economics Action Plan and Investment Priorities Plan; develop program on restorative CPR eco-tourism; promote traditional medicines.

• Task Group on Outdoor and Rooftop Structures (DPWH) - shut off neon/billboard lights by 9 p.m.; remove illegal structures/billboards; provide incentives for owners of urban roof gardens.


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