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Jul 14th
Home Sections Education & Technology Gonzalez Proposes Sweeping "Attempted" Piracy Laws
Gonzalez Proposes Sweeping "Attempted" Piracy Laws PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Allan Albert   
Wednesday, 16 May 2007 04:15


The Office of the Attorney General has submitted to Congress a Proposal of "Criminalizing Attempted Copyright Crimes."

Yes, they used those words exactly. But wait a minute, if its already a "crime," why the need to "criminalize?" What do they mean by that? Even worse, what constitutes an "attempt?"

Basically, the proposal is to treat copyright offenders the same way as they now do murderers, drug cartels, and terrorists. They want to have the authority to wiretap, sieze property and prosecute exporters of the infringed works (not just the importers). They also want to stiffen the penalties, and to "clarify" that unregistered copyrights should also be included under these "protections."

Copyright is by no means limited to music or movies. It also includes pharmaceuticals, auto parts, literature, and many other things. It is completely understandable why they would want to "protect" the public from say, fake and potentially dangerous drugs, but the vague wordings and broad implications of this proposal makes it pretty dangerous in itself. At its worst interpretation, anyone who owns a computer with an Internet connection and a burner or a printer is a potential criminal. That’s all the evidence they would need to accuse you for "attempted" copyright infringement.

All this under the guise of protecting the public. Sadly, until they define exactly what an "Attempt" is supposed to be, it is the public that would need protection from these kinds of laws.

Here is a Link to the Press Release and to the actual Text of the legislative proposal.

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