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Sep 29th
Home Sections Education & Technology Kalayaan College Launches Study Programs for Overseas Filipinos
Kalayaan College Launches Study Programs for Overseas Filipinos PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 25 February 2008 00:54
he Global Filipinos Coalition and Kalayaan College take pride in their joint launching of the Global Filipinos College Study Programs at Kalayaan College, Riverbanks Center, Marikina City, Philippines.

Across our borderless world, Kalayaan College invites young Overseas Filipinos—young Filipinos or Filipino dual citizens abroad who are relatives of immigrants or overseas workers—to do a special “Aral-Balikbayan” College Study Program (ACSP).


Relatives and dependents of overseas Overseas Filipinos who are living in the Philippines are also invited to pursue any one of the regular course programs of Kalayaan College on its campus at Riverbanks Center, Marikina City.


Kalayaan College is a private academic institution founded and directed by U.P. professors committed to quality higher education. Founded in 2000, KC is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education and has graduated students starting in 2005.


Our faculty are highly trained and widely experienced. The majority are bright young graduates, active and retired professors, and outstanding alumni of the University of the Philippines.


Because of the college quotas at the University of the Philippines that limit its capacity to admit even those who score high in admission tests, Kalayaan College is in the best position to offer U.P. quality education to relatives of Overseas Filipinos abroad or in the Philippines.  Moreover, KC charges fees much lower than the prestigious private universities.


At KC we offer superior professional training in business and economics, public administration and governance, computer science, education and language teaching, literature, fine arts, and hotel and restaurant management—on the foundation of a solid general education program. Instruction is conducted in English and opportunities are provided for learning Filipino as the evolving national language.


 “Kalayaan,” the name of our college, is Filipino for freedom, independence or liberation and national honor. In KC, it stands for the freedom of our students to develop their full potential for their good, and the good of our country and humankind. Kalayaan also means education for freedom, to free the mind from the shackles of ignorance, intolerance and prejudice.


Below are descriptions of our Aral-Balikbayan College Study Programs (ACSPs) and other courses as part of our College Study Programs for Global Filipinos. They may be taken for a summer, a semester or a full academic year.


Overseas Filipinos and their relatives in the Philippines may also be admitted to our regular professional programs which are described in other parts of our KC website.


Visit us at our website,, and apply online for admission to Kalayaan College. You may call or fax us at (632) 934 4865, or email us at






These programs are for Overseas-Filipino college students who live abroad and would like to forge stronger links with their Filipino cultural heritage by taking a year/semester/or summer program in Kalayaan College. These programs provide cultural immersion for the students and help them to form intercultural perspectives on both Philippine culture in which they have their roots and American (or other) culture in which they now find themselves. The programs also nurture their identity as Overseas Filipinos.


The following Aral-Balikbayan College Study Programs are available: (1) Filipino Literature and Culture, (2) Philippine Governance and Politics, and (3) Visual Arts in Philippine Cultural Context.  They will include cultural study tours and, in certain programs, provide opportunities for observation in government and other agencies. Students may earn credit in from two to six 3-unit courses from KC general education and/or majors programs, depending on the length of the program they are enrolled in: summer, a semester or a full academic year.




ACSP in Filipino Literature and Culture will cover Philippine literature and other forms of cultural expression.  Courses offered include: The Life and Works of Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine Literary History, Philippine Ethnic Literature, The Literature of the Philippine Revolution, Contemporary Literature. Courses will also be offered on Philippine Dance and Philippine Games.  Renowned musicologists and/or music historians will be invited to lecture on Philippine Music. Tours of historical and cultural places significant in the development of Philippine culture will be a part of the program.


ACSP in Philippine Governance and Politics will cover Basic Concepts of Politics, Governance and Administration, A Short Philippine Political History, Contemporary Issues and Problems of Governance and Development. This program will involve field trips and talks with political leaders and administrators. Comparison with politics and governance in other countries will deepen understanding of the uniqueness of Philippine governance and politics and also similarities with other countries. Global Filipinos will be motivated to take on advocacy causes and help develop roadmaps to improve governance for the progress of the Filipino Motherland.


ACSP in Visual Arts in Philippine Cultural Context   This program is for art majors and offers advance level courses in painting, sculpture and photography, engaging Philippine culture as work content. Students should have finished foundation courses in visual art techniques and materials and are expected to produce art projects to earn credits for the course. Non-credit participation may also be accommodated. This is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Philippine art culture and familiarize themselves with Philippine artists and their work.



Preferably, ACSP students should be in their junior year and well-started in their major programs. Kalayaan College will help them to integrate its program offerings with their major programs and courses of study abroad.  Sophomores and seniors are also welcome to take these programs.

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