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Jul 10th
Home Sections Education & Technology Begins 5th Year of Public Service and Continues to Post Excellent Traffic Ratings Begins 5th Year of Public Service and Continues to Post Excellent Traffic Ratings PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 11 April 2011 18:26


T his website marked its fourth anniversary last Saturday, April 9, 2011. It marked the occasion without any celebration. It was just a regular Saturday. We simply posted on the website’s Shout Box that we turned four-years old on that day.


But ratings wise, the has made tremendous gains, especially in the United States. On April 9, 2011, the had the following traffic ratings (the lower the number, the better – like in golf):


Website               World Ranking              USA Ranking                   308,949                        118,171                653,356                        150,599              548,215                        161,687                              752,420                        370,706          1,286,652                         595,802               3,590,135                              N/A                 3,641,235                               N/A          11,127406                              N/A


T he usually does not report any traffic rating in the United States for websites that are ranked above 1.0-million in popularity.


Please note also that while has a better world-traffic rating than, the latter beats the former in the United States’ ranking.


It is quite an accomplishment for the staff, writers and columnists of the – considering that the is only an online publication. It does not have any hardcopy edition, unlike the said seven other media outlets, which have thousands and thousands of the printed newspapers or magazine, as in the case of the Filipinas Magazine, being distributed in the United States. The seven other online publications mentioned in this report have also been in existence long before the started online on April 9, 2007. In short, the is the still the new kid in town.


The and the are based in the Bay Area, California. The and the are based in the Greater New York area. While the is based in Miami, Florida.


A nd the other remarkable achievement of the is that it outranks the seven other publications in the Google and other search engines. Here are more details about this fact, as reported last Advent Season: Has More X-mas Stories and Thanks Readers for Making It No. 1 in Other Google Categories


So, thank you very much, Dear Readers, for your continued patronage. Please bear with us the technical difficulties that our website experiences from time to time. We are being frequently hacked. We need also to do the so-called “redundancy” method of publishing. This means that we have to publish five to eight versions of the website simultaneously in one Internet service provider (ISP). The incoming hits will then be distributed automatically among the different versions, so as to reduce the waiting time (in milliseconds) of almost all readers.


Mabuhay! # # #


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