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Oct 02nd
Home Sections Education & Technology Has More X-mas Stories and Thanks Readers for Making It No. 1 in Other Google Categories Has More X-mas Stories and Thanks Readers for Making It No. 1 in Other Google Categories PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Thursday, 23 December 2010 11:05


Readers Continue to Make this Website “Number One” in Several Categories in Google and Other Search Engines Aside from “Filipino Community News”


C hristmas 2010 is just the fourth Advent Season in the existence of the We reported that on Dec. 4, 2007, the rated this website the number-one result in the search category of “Filipino Community News.” We have kept that ranking since then and continue to top the said search-engine category (out of some 345,000 results). We said then that it was the best Christmas gift that our readers gave to us in 2007.


Now the Internet reading public and our Dear Readers have given us more unforgettable Christmas gifts this 2010 Advent Season. The tops other search categories as well:


    Category         Ranking/Positions     Number of Results


Filipino Parables         Top 2, 11 and 25                   108,000


Filipino Wit & Humor   Top 3, 19 and 28                     26,500


Media Breakfast Club  Number 1 and 8                 6,940,000


Lagareng Hapon          Top 3                                             653


Greg Macabenta           Number 1 and 16                      5,200


A nd slowly, the is climbing the ratings search-wise in the other categories. If you Google for "Josephine Bracken" or "Josephine Bracken and Jose Rizal," the MabuhayRadio comes in No. 2 (out of 122,000 results). Search for “Loida Lewis” and our article on her being the “Snow White(wash)” appears as Number 8 out of 75,500 results. In the Filipino Obituary category, we rank No. 15 and No. 23 out of 250,000 results.


Even in the mainstream category of "Goliath Letterman," MabuhayRadio articles rank No. 4, 5, 6 and 24 out of 1,120,000 results in the Google search engine.


We are sure that by Christmas 2011, we will be ranked also in the Top Ten of many-more Filipino categories in the Google and other search engines.



Christmas Stories and Advent Stories as Part of Our Data Base


O ur article, How Filipinos Reinvented Christmas, ranks No. 19 in the “Reinventing Christmas” category of Google – out of 529,000 results.


Here again, Folks, are our articles (that will never be deleted in our data base) about the Nativity, New Year and even on the topic of “Advent and Abortion”:


Yes, Folks, There Is Santa Claus! (by Joseph G. Lariosa, who reminisces his childhood in Sorsogon during the Advent season)


Christmas Still Brings Mystery and Magic to Those Who Believe (by Ernie Delfin)


How Filipinos Reinvented Christmas


Yes, Virginia, There Is No Santa Claus . . .


A Slanted Version of the Greatest Story Ever Told


Christmas in the Philippines (by Ella Madrigal-Wagner)


“Simbang Gabi,” a Timeless Tradition – by Joseph G. Lariosa, who wrote also the following Christmas articles:

Cardinal George Celebrates Simbang Gabi  

There Is Room in the Inn


And our Cebu-based contributor, Bobot Apit, has this piece:


Dec. 18, 2010—Saturday Meditation (True Christmas Gifts of Peace, Justice and Love for Everyone!)


From “A Cup O’ Kapeng Barako” column of Jesse Jose:


My Giddy Christmas Thoughts this Christmas


Folks, y’all Have a Great Life this New Year!


I Am Dreaming of a White Christmas


Christmas Actually Came Early for Filipinos in Boston (by Dr. Minnie Festin-Navato in Sections / Sunday's Sermon)


The Parable of the Atheist Who Spends Christmas in Kalimantan


Advent and Abortion: A Christmas Message for George W. Bush and the American People


Talltale Signs: The NaFFAA’s Home Is Melting this Christmas


Advent: In Expectation of Our Lord (by Francis Fernandez in Sections / Sunday's Sermon)


The Joy of Advent (by Francis Fernandez in Sections / Sunday's Sermon)


Inventing the "FOOD" for the World (Part II)


Readings for the Night Before, and the Evenings After, New Year (and Christmas)  (by Atty. Domingo Lira in Sections / Sunday's Sermon)


What the New Year Is All About . . . Is 2008 “Almageddon Time”?


"Mabuhay, Las Vegas" Radio Broadcast, January 2005, as Hosted by Bobby Reyes


Remembering the Departed Filipino Diplomats in Los Angeles


 Christmas Reading Materials for Gloria Arroyo, Kin and their Rasputins as They Spend their Last Advent in Malacañang


We wish you all a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year.


Thank you again for your patronage and readership. Mabuhay! # # #



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Last Updated on Thursday, 23 December 2010 18:07

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