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Sep 29th
Home Sections Entertainment Live in San Diego: Rex Navarrete
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Written by Marissa Acierto   
Tuesday, 22 October 2013 15:37

BY MARISSA ACIERTO l SCCPRESS.COM (Special Exclusive Interview with Rex Navarrete)

S AN DIEGO, CA -- King of all Filipino-American Kings of Comedy who originally hails from Philippines and is now working in San Francisco and Hawaii is Rex Navarrete.   Rex appeared live in the "George Lopez Tonight Show."  His live show is at the heart of downtown in the American Comedy Company, 818 B. 6th Avenue on October 24 - 27, 2013.

Rex Navarrete is a second-generation Filipino American who resides in Oregon with his wife and 2 children.  Navarette has been a stand up comic for over 24 years.  He has performed in San Diego for several years.  San Diego will have the pleasure to laugh a lot for 4 days of great comedy humor.

Question (Q):  Can you tell me about yourself?  I haven't Googled you yet?

Alex Navarrete Answer (A):  Whatever you do, don't look into Wikipedia.  (Joke?)

Q:  So, tell me more about your family or anything about you as a Filipino?

A:  I understand Tagalog (one of the main dialects in the Philippines).  I came to America when I was 3 years old. 

My parents are originally from Batangas and Cavite, Philippines.  My parents did not have any show business experienced.   They were professionals who migrated to the United States. They were an engineer, teacher-accountant.

Q:  How does your family feel about your profession?

A:  Every Filipino family has high expectations for their kids and usually stand up comic was not one of those categories.  They expect their children to be engineers, nurses, etc.   However, they can't think of anything that I can do better.  My family accepts my career.

In stand up comedy, no matter how old you get... you teach yourself and you constantly learn, write and perform.  If an opportunity knocks, I am open ...

Q:  Rex...what got you started in liking comedy?

A:  As a kid, I liked watching t.v.  I was a fan of comedy sitcoms.  I enjoyed British comedy, Eddie Murphy and many others.  Each one of them helped me to discover and introduce my act.

Q:  When was your first role in comedy?

A:  I started when I was in college at San Francisco State University.   My college professor, Dan Gonzalez, supported me.  I performed for a big Asian Pacific Islander talent show.  I displayed my raw materials and it came out well.  Till than, I have been a full time comedy artist.  I have been touring and have been in stand up comedy act in the Philippines since 2002 till now.

Q:  How do you feel about performing in front of an audience?

A:  I still feel stage fright.  This is a "frightening occupation" ever...  It can still make many anxious.

Q:  What would you like to share with the kids today regarding stand up comedy?

A:  Pinoy tradition is to keep the arts going.  Don't forget we are artists.

Q:  Can you give me a simple joke.

Rex Navarrete Answer:  None of my jokes are simple. (Grin...)

For details on how to purchase any merchandise, check out iTunes Stores, for his dvd's and

For info on how to purchase tickets while they last,  contact (619) 795-3858 or

Courtesy Photo by Rex Navarrete PRO.


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