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Sep 24th
Home Sections Entertainment Los Angeles-based Self-proclaimed “Mediaman” cum “Lawyer” Exposes Self as a “Madman” and “Abogago”
Los Angeles-based Self-proclaimed “Mediaman” cum “Lawyer” Exposes Self as a “Madman” and “Abogago” PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Entertainment
Saturday, 11 December 2010 11:01

Romeo P. Marquez and Bobby M. Reyes bring this article back to the Front Page, as Lolo Bobby has been alerted that another Filipino-American community leader has been telling people that he is also a "lawyer." As Lolo Bobby puts it, "baka naman pinabili lang ng avocado at pagbalik ay abogado na."

The News UpFront: (TOP STORY) as of Saturday, December 11, 2010 

A practice so prevalent in Filipino communities in the United States has surfaced in Los Angeles, California. A dimwit, nondescript bully known as Pacifico Aves alias Pex Aves, who claims being a lawyer and a journalist, took his rage to the Internet, splashing profanities and spilling garbage in an attempt to silence legitimate reporters from exposing him. The guy is neither one nor the other. He is a fake. His kind, in the words of a Chicago journalist, is what is popularly called PNS, the acronym for "pinabili ng suka at pagbalik ay journalist na". He berates officials of the Philippine Consulate General and the Philippine Tourism Office in Los Angeles after he felt offended at not being recognized for what he claims he is. Then he turns his ire to this reporter by writing the most-obscene words only a foul mouth like him can utter.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          



Neither a Lawyer Nor a Journalist, Filipino 'Mediaman' in L.A. Exposes Himself 




Member, Asian American Journalists Association



T ORONTO -- In some internet postings archived in Google, he's referred to as a "practicing lawyer in Los Angeles". A colleague claims he didn't know him personally with the caveat that "I thought he is an attorney from the Philippines although not sure if he practices law here in the USA".


Another journalist in Chicago, Joseph Lariosa, says he "already knew his character" once the guy walked away from a wager he himself had started upon sensing that his co-bettors were serious in calling his $2,000 bluff during a recent boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito.


Again, the guy dangled some serious money – $30,000 – for journalist and editor Bobby Reyes to produce his school credentials apparently to prove he had studied journalism and law. " x x x if you can give me the right answer supported by hard evidence my 30 thousand is yours no questions ask (sic)," he dared. When Reyes accepted and produced the documents, the man went on a silent mode.


I have no idea who the guy was. From his e-mail address that suddenly popped out of nowhere, his name appears to be Pacifico Aves, alias Pex Aves. He had added me to his e-mail list, presumably to allow me to read his rant against three officials of the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles.


Editor’s Note: To view the photo of Mr. Aves and a reproduction of one of his offensive e-mails, please click on this link, 


In my 16 years of news coverage of Southern California, among other beats in the United States, I've never heard nor come across the guy with this strange moniker. I looked up a number of search engines, and the name doesn't show up.


The dictionary was quite helpful though. "Aves," it says, is very rarely used as a noun except when it refers to birds, therefore, it's classified under "nouns denoting animals". Pex Aves is a noun, so he must be an animal.


Editor’s Note: Instead of answering tit for tat Mr. Aves and his sidekick, Diony Grava (of the "Kuwarta na, naging grava pa" fame), this editor instead wrote a satire, Rare Kind of Bird Flu Afflicts Two Filipino Wannabe Writers in Los Angeles



In his e-mail rant, Aves describes himself in his own graphic words, thus: "x x x ang MATANDANG PANGIT na Pex Aves na may-ari nang isang maliit na Law Office at Los Angeles Bureau Head at Kolumnista sa isang global newspaper (Pinas Global News)" (sic).


His own description poses a challenge but I'm not going to contest how he pictures himself. If he avers that he is a "matandang pangit", then so be it.


However, there are also assertions implied in that statement. One, he could be a lawyer due to his fatuous claim that he owns a small law office in LA; two, that he is a journalist of a global paper. Quite likely these claims are dubious.


The State Bar of California does not list either his full name (Pacifico Aves) nor his alias (Pex Aves) in its roll of attorneys. Based on that, Aves is a fake. Why is he using an email address that says "accident.immigrationattorney@ x x x .com"?


He should have promptly corrected the reference to him as a "practicing lawyer in Los Angeles" because he is not. He knew he is not. But why doesn't he do it? What is his racket? Who does he victimize in his law office? (Readers may want to alert law-enforcement authorities).


The other part of his exaggerated claim is that he is a "Los Angeles Bureau Head at Kolumnista" (sic) of what purports to be a global newspaper. Oh yeah? There's only one website with the name "Pinas the Filipino's global newspaper". Not surprisingly, the website declares: "We are under repair. Be back soon".


For a while, I was amused by the sentence "we are under repair". Did it refer also to Pex Aves' head? I raise this question only because Aves seems to be the exemplar in this adage of a man reaching for something that exceeds his grasp.


For one supposedly known globally, Pacifico Aves alias Pex Aves has no cyber personality. He has no presence and no published historical records to support his wild claims. The major search engines returned no results about him in any of the two classications he claims he belongs to.


Google had only one entry, which tells me that he is practically non-existent as a lawyer, journalist, or whatever he boasts he is. He could be the perfect impersonator, an impostor, belonging to a distinct Filipino tribe called "pinabili ng suka" or PNS - the types that inhabit Filipino media organizations in the United States.


In journalism parlance, anyone is called PNS (the coinage is attributed to journalist Joseph Lariosa of Chicago) who has no formal training nor experience nor talent either as reporter, editor, broadcaster, photographer, videographer or cub but who has the gumption and the thick hide to say he's a journalist.


Literally, PNS means being sent to buy vinegar (a euphemism to do errands) and when the courier returns he's already a journalist. There's a lot of them in the cyberworld and in print where they freely mingle with the real ones.


A ppearances deceive and many PNS-types pass themselves off as legitimate journalists especially in social events and high-profile coverages. They love to be in the pictures; the higher the official the closer they want to pose, an ego trip no less.


It's during the moment of writing or talking when they unravel themselves. Most times, they speak of "envelopmental" journalism, which is to say, exploring possibilities to line up their pockets.


Pacifico Aves alias Pex Aves does not need to float his boat to put a semblance of authority to his rant. He is a PNS through and through, a bullying phony.


A lawyer or a journalist does not speak the way he does, or writes the way he does.




He was referring to another journalist, Bobby Reyes of Los Angeles, who was his main target.


After I demanded on Dec. 7 that he recant his unfounded accusations against me and to apologize publicly for doing so, he answered back on Dec. 8 like a child, to wit (I decided to let the profanities stand so people will know what kind of person he is): "IN BEHALF OF ALL THE BLACK GUYS WHO MOLESTED YOUR PUWIT AT ITO ANG DAHILANG NAGKA U OD (WORMS) AT SYPHILIS ANG PUWIT MO AT PATI PAG DUMI MO WORMS ANG LUMALABAS


Lawyer? Journalist? Certainly his language says differently. And he's quite profound in portraying his indecency.


I am seized by pity after reading this e-mail.


Pacifico Aves or Pex Aves is sick and his response to me was a pathetic plea for help. As I write these lines, I'm also placing a call to a mental hospital close to his office in Los Angeles. # # #


For other stories and photos, please visit: 





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Comments (2)
1 Saturday, 11 December 2010 18:08
Pareng Romy,

Another one of your gems. I noticed though that in that photo of Attorney/Journalist (Kuno) Peks, parang siyang natatae. Either that o kaya, namamaga yung almoranas niya, ano sa palagay mo?

Jesse Jose
Seattle, WA

(As e-mailed to The Editor)
2 Monday, 13 December 2010 10:42
Gago talaga iyan. Ang sarap sigurong i-untog. Akala mo kung sino, puntahan mo at i-confront manikluhod bigla yan!

Journalist? Sa toilet paper siguro sumusulat. Broadcaster? Baka broadcaster sa sabungan.... Abogado siya? Isa siya sa mga tinaguriang "Attorney Agaton of the Filipino community."

Pex, malapit na kitang bisitahin. Tingnan nga natin kung gaano ka katigas?!

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