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Sep 24th
Home Sections Entertainment Unmasking, if Not Baring, the Body and Soul of Katrina Halili in Toronto (Now with Video)
Unmasking, if Not Baring, the Body and Soul of Katrina Halili in Toronto (Now with Video) PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 25 July 2010 11:43


The News UpFront: (TOP STORY) as of Sunday, July 25, 2010 

L ooking at entertainer Katrina Halili, one gets the impression that she's cool and collected after that sexual episode of several months ago. The tumult that visited her seems gone. And now she appears making headway to reestablish herself as a respectable actress cum burlesque dancer/singer/model of empowerment (?) despite all the salacious stories and naughty pictures that flood cyberspace. Here in
Toronto, she was like a machine, stamping her pictures with her signature and posing for souvenir photos. She merely smiled at any given turn, never saying a word, not even making a greeting to fans who braved the rain and patiently lined up for hours at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Her organizers could have done a better job loosening her among these people if only to make them feel how her shameful ordeal had fortified her.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



By Romy Marquez




Katrina Halili, Entertainer, On the Cusp in Toronto  


T ORONTO—This Saturday (July 24, 2010) I had gone to the Mabuhay Festival & Trade Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on a singular mission: I wanted to have a fresh look at the entertainer Katrina Halili.


Weeks before, I had made known my interest in interviewing her. That seemed to have been accepted even as my request bounced from one person to another until it finally landed on the lap of a guy named Josh, her handler in Toronto.


I had the least interest in entertainment reporting. It's not one of my strong points. But when a potential big story happens to come my way – as did the Katrina Halili sexual brouhaha – I will manage.


Writer's Note: Here's film footage of Katrina Halili in Toronto. Please click this link:

&feature=channel href="/&feature=channel" mce_href="/&feature=channel">&feature=channel

I'm not used to being physically pushed; anyone's hands brushing with any part of my body is quickly repelled. It's a reflex acquired from early years of police reporting and has now become part of me.


My mention of this is necessitated by rough treatment I got from the festival security, a squad of yellow-shirted volunteers who thought brawn was mightier than brains, which they might not have possessed anyways.


Nobody, and I mean no one, has ever muscled me out of any event; one, because I don't gate-crashed; two, I make sure I have a legitimate reason to be where I am, and I did have one; three, I am not one to be intimidated by appearances and numbers.


Josh was rattling over his cellphone, looking helpless at the number of people trying to get close to Katrina as she sat and autographed pictures for her army of camera-wielding fans. They were subdued and quiet, if you ask me, and a lot less, compared to the boisterous throng that filled the cavernous Eaton Center when the teen singing sensation Charice Pempengco made her appearance in Toronto several weeks ago.


I had the thought that the people who queued up for Katrina's autograph were there out of curiosity, they're not her loyal followers -- precisely to see how she managed to pull herself up after that unpleasant sexual episode with her lover, the infamous beauty-doctor-turned-bit-actor Hayden Kho.


If Josh and the volunteer security had known this, they would have realized that the autograph-signing beside the huge GMA booth right across from the stage would be quite unwieldy. And that there would be delirious fans wanting to take Katrina's picture, and their own pictures with her.


Katrina sat between her two companions, the veteran actor German Moreno to her left, and another actor named Joh Nite on her right. That seating arrangement already guaranteed Moreno and Nite to be in the picture frame at any angle, meaning it'd be nearly impossible to take Katrina's picture alone. (To view Katrina Halili’s photos taken in Toronto, please click on this link,


The non-thinking security detail further complicated that situation by providing another layer of cover, that is, by positioning themselves directly in the line of sight of the cameras. As a result, people moved this and that way, raising their arms, and hoped to have the chance to shoot once those in front move any which way. And once they moved, either the face or the heads of the security detail occupied most if not the entire camera screen.


Thus the nudging, elbowing, shoving for positions. The security detail must have thought that by barricading Katrina, they secured her. That is quite flawed. But what can one expect? They're there for their brawn and for their ability to yell a command. Did they have functioning brains? Well, ask people who were there. For me, they've got no more than a tail between their legs, and that's being honest.


I stood at the corner where people exited after getting their autographed pictures, waiting until Katrina finish up and I will have my interview. Josh had guaranteed that I will have that opportunity. "Are you Romy?" he asked, which confirmed to me that my request for a one-on-one interview had finally reached him and her.


Editor’s Note: To read a related article about the sexual misadventure of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho, please click on this  link, Sex, Lice and Videotape


B ut the overzealous security had seen it differently. One was so diligent to keep me out by physically shoving me, the others were equally belligerent they threw dagger looks. I didn't give an inch of ground. There was no problem getting physical if they willed it. I told them I wasn't going to leave until I've taken my pictures at that moment when an interview with Katrina wasn't possible.


Was Katrina worth all the trouble that I had to face and bear, I asked myself. The reasoning mind said the issue has gone past her. The issue now was whether to allow a bunch of volunteers to intimidate journalists in the conduct of their work. That was what disturbed me.


The trek to the festival was only secondary. It happened to be the venue where the interview would take place. And so with an open mind and a hope that I would be allowed to view her in a different perspective, I went to the convention centre. The festival and trade show had very little appeal to me, specially after it momentarily turned into a political forum for some Toronto candidates.


Are the organizers so colonial-minded as to willingly allow these candidates time to pander to Filipinos in their own festival? One even had the gumption to say "Filipinos are the Italians of the Pacific"  (conversely, does that statement make the Italians the Filipinos of the Mediterranean?). 


Editor’s Note: Perhaps the guy who told Mr. Marquez that the “Filipinos are the Italians of the Pacific” was able to read this article, as published in this website, Filipinos Are Indeed the Italians of Asia (Part 8 of the "Filipino Psyche" Series)


I had spent a whole day at the festival waiting for the interview that never happened. You see, I'm trying to erase from my mind the images I had of Katrina galloping in bed with her lover, the sex-maniac Hayden Kho.


Editor’s Note: To read Part II of the series of articles about the sexual misadventure of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho, please click on this  link, Sex, Lice and Videotape (Part Two)


J ournalist-friends in Manila had provided me with a video collection as graphic in details as the one involving Katrina. So young, so indulgent, so immersed, so happy . . . I said then to myself.


But that was supposed to be a couple in love engaged in an animal act in the privacy of a motel room . . . until the lustful Kho had videotaped it and the whole world came to know Katrina by her sexual submission to Kho.


It's pointless to argue whether or not that video had been repeatedly watched. The first time I viewed it (which implies there was a second, and a third, etc.) the visuals stuck on my mind. I tried to look deeply and I found nothing to disprove it's pure and simple carnal. Kho performed for his hidden camera. Katrina naively gave in to his every wish.


Whenever I tried to replay it in my memory, the face of Katrina comes out, not as the innocent victim that her handlers and the Philippine media had tried to portray, which is understandable, but as the willing, conscious, gratification-seeking sex partner of Kho.


I don't mean to be harsh. I don't mean to judge her by this incident with Kho. I don't mean to condemn her, either. The fact is her romp in bed with him is deeply embedded in memory.


I was trying to purge it completely, at least to give Katrina a chance to move away from that sexual template that has defined her and will continue to define her even as she tries mighty hard to look sweet and collected.


Well, this first step towards that has failed. I waited the whole day looking forward to the interview. And I wasn't going to wait several hours more until she has found the time for me.


Josh has failed her. The festival's security detail failed her. The organizers failed her. Her home studio GMA failed her. I only needed a few minutes for that glimpse that might have changed how people view her. That attempt also failed.


(PREROGATIVE is the title of Romy Marquez’s longest-running column in several newspapers in the United States, specifically in San Diego and Los Angeles, California. In Chicago, Illinois, that column carried a different name and is called PASSWORD. - Editor)


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Last Updated on Monday, 26 July 2010 08:56
Comments (3)
1 Tuesday, 27 July 2010 11:41
Pareng Romy,

It's a good story. You told it like it is, warts and all. Sorry to say, but I think she's a dumb broad, who tried so hard to appear sweet and innocent and virginal, placed by her handlers on a pedestal to be "adored" and gawked at by the masa. Those two morons, Moreno and Nite, who "sandwiched" her, and those obese-looking security people who surrounded her and made her unapproachable, completed the farcical charade.

She's just a two-bit celebrity, made famous by her sex videos with Kho. She'll never be able to erase that from people's mind, because she's not really a good actress, unlike Dra. Maricar Reyes (you've seen her sex film, too, right?), who is, I think, a very talented actress.

Sorry to hear you were not able to get an interview with her. That was to their loss, pare. As you said, you could have written a positive story about her to neutralize perhaps, even a little, the images of her having sex with Kho on film.

2 Tuesday, 27 July 2010 12:18
A "guaranteed" interview that never happened (especially when the reporter has been calmly waiting on the sidelines for it)?
The organizers miserably failed in both their press and public relations when they abandoned their promise to you. What were they waiting from you - press credentials from the NY Times or perhaps from Hustler and/or Playboy?
I would have loved to read what you will write about that interview. It would have been an interesting piece. You are right, with your prowess on analysis and feature writing, that piece would have somehow redeemed this "two-it celebrity" - she does not even deserve the lable actress - from the sex siren image that has hounded her since that scandal.
3 Tuesday, 27 July 2010 12:30
Pareng Jesse,

Thanks for your comments. I really wanted to do something to cleanse her image but she obviously couldn't find the time. To think she just sat there with the two other androids. I will publish your comments. Best regards,

Romy Marquez

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