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Jul 14th
Home Sections Filipino-Veterans' Lobby Filipino Veterans Mark USAFFE Day As House Fails to Pass Equity Bill
Filipino Veterans Mark USAFFE Day As House Fails to Pass Equity Bill PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Filipino-Veterans' Lobby
Saturday, 26 July 2008 14:26

Different Filipino Veterans groups marked in Los Angeles, California, the 67th year Filipino soldiers’ conscription day or the USAFFE Day, on July 26, 1941, with festivities and protests.


More-than 15 veterans and community leaders of Southern California signed a symbolic protest of an open letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding the passage of the SB 1315 version in the House of Representatives. The bill has been languishing in the United States Congress for more-than 18 years.


In a community forum sponsored by the “Justice for Filipino American Veterans” (JFAV) held at the “Search to Involve Pilipino Americans” (SIPA) office on July 25, 2008, they declared:


“We hold you as the Speaker and the leader of the Democratic Party responsible for not passing the bill in the house. You have the responsibility to answer why the bill has not been discussed or have not been put into a vote despite several promises.” The Filipino leaders demand that the SB 1315 version in the House be passed before the US Congress takes a recess on August 31.


Those who signed the letter were Filipino veterans Commanders Peping Baclig, Franco Arcebal, Eugene Mondok, Jack Vergara, Nick Gadia, Juan Dela Torre, Leonides Alcantara and Lulu Astilla. Other community, youth and union leaders signed also the petition letter.


In the late morning of July 25, more-than 100 veterans and community supporters were treated to sumptuous lunch at the Cha Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CHPMC) as a tribute for their service during World War II. Errol Santos of the CHPMC, Deputy Consul General Daniel R. Espiritu, Commander Lulu Astilla of the Veterans Center Association and Pilipino-American Veterans Association (PAVA) and the FASGI Executive Director Susan Dilkes promised to support the veterans-equity struggle.


If the SB 135 version in the house is not passed, the equity bill might be considered dead this year. The Democratic Party has promised four times since last year to pass the Filipino Veterans’ equity bill. The Filipino veterans hold Speaker Pelosi responsible for her broken promises. # # #


Editor’s Notes: For more information about the JFAV, please call up Al P. Garcia at People’s CORE at (213) 241-0906 or Mike Nailat at SIPA at (213)382-1819 or or visit blogspot@alliancephilippines.blogspot,com


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Last Updated on Saturday, 26 July 2008 14:34

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