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Feb 03rd
Home Columns Frank B. Quesada (Col. Ret. US) Colonel Quesada Questions the NAFVE’s "Illicit Status"
Colonel Quesada Questions the NAFVE’s "Illicit Status" PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Frank B. Quesada (Col. Ret. US)
Saturday, 28 July 2007 15:04

After what I have revealed as the alleged "illicit status" of the National Alliance for Veterans’ Equity (NAFVE), as an entity without (locus standi) legal standing in the Fil-Am WW-II Full Equity official lobby. The NAFVE actually trespasses in the turf of veterans.

The NAFVE actually appears as interlopers for soliciting funds supposedly for the cause of Fil-Am WW-II veterans but uses the funds for its own operations. This has been noticed by us, the veterans.

Of late the NAFVE has finally admitted in print that it has no legal personality to represent the Full Equity campaign for the veterans. (For Evidence: SEE THE LETTERHEAD below stating "NAFVE c/o NAFFAA," per Press Release of July 5, 2007), which indicated it can not stand on it own leg, but persist to continue   operating with impunity. The NAFVE, therefore, can not stand alone as an illicit entity. Thus, it used the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) as its leg in the press release, which indicates that the NAFVE is under the care of another entity, the NaFFAA. (See and refer to: NAFVE, dated July 5, 2007).

Mr. Bobby M. Reyes of  the and the bona-fide Fil-Am WW-II veterans are correct in asking for the NAFVE  to show legal credentials such as proof of Registration with all Secretaries of State(s) where they operate, and  legal authority to solicit money, where there are resident veterans reportedly being solicited supposedly for the veteran's cause.

It is, however, the own business of Mr. Reyes, et al, and the  in their own examination in support of and the quest for  NAFVE's  legitimate authority to the extent of their public critical scrutiny of NAFVE  to distinguish what is proper and expedient about the alleged impropriety of such as an organization manned by non-veterans (and) which appears as misrepresenting the war veterans in a concocted lobby for veterans.

I have consulted an Attorney General about the propriety for example of an entity (like the NAFVE trespassing and invading the rights of another in such case by NAFVE, which does not have legitimate standing in veteran's affairs). 

The Attorney General responded to my query (about a trespassing entity like the NAFVE). He opined that said entity might have already committed unlawful acts punishable by law. And that compliance by the NAFVE is governed by laws and regulations that are mandatory requisites, especially against transgression. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This posting does not in anyway impute any negative aspersions against or denigrate the NAFVE or NAFFAA whatsoever. Or the Filipino-American Political Action (FAPA). It reports of the vested rights and property interests of veterans, and the NAFVE's transgression of the law. The NAFVE advertises itself and acts for and in behalf of veterans sans proper authority to act for veterans what-so-ever. It must have must have complete transparency.

Suffice to state that the Fil-Am WW-II veterans are the sole and legitimate CREDITORS of the obligation unpaid by the government for the veteran's active and honorable military service performed under the U.S. flag. 

The NAFVE is not a legitimate veteran's entity, thus is considered by veterans as NOT a legitimate entity to mount a lobby. The NAFVE does possess any moral and legal standing.

The Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) has NOT assigned to the NAFVE any attorney-in-fact what-so-ever and/or has NOT issued any power-of-attorney to the NAFVA to act for and in behalf of the preponderant veterans’ majority at all. 

The VFP has been chartered under Republic Act 2640, which mandates that the VFP as the sole voice and representative for itself in its claims for full equity settlement of the unpaid Fil-Am WW-II compensation and wartime benefits earned in World War-II. 

It is the veterans at their own behest that had requested the Philippine Government to direct the Philippine Embassy as the veterans’ CONDUIT through diplomatic channels to initially consult and assist the veterans, but not to formulate its own policy outside the veterans’ legitimate claims.


There was a grave mistake in the past by the summarily-recalled former Ambassador (Albert del Rosario) by ignoring the veteran's dissatisfactions and advice, which might have caused him his job.

In the same token, the Fil-Am WW-II veterans have requested the Philippine government to create a subsidiary public-service office, "The Office of Veterans  Affairs (OVA)."  The OVA is mandated to consult and assist veterans not only those residing in the U.S., but with the preponderant veterans residing in the Philippines. There are more of them residing in the Philippines than those residing here in the U.S. They cannot and must not be ignored as the creditors of the unpaid US benefits for Fl-Am WW-II veterans.

Majority rule cannot be set aside. And that the OVA must all the time be competent to serve the needs of veterans, i.e., during hearings. In the past hearings in both Senate and House of Representatives both offices (the Embassy and the OVA) were wanting on their testimonies about veterans' affairs and legislative processes. Some vital queries by legislators remained  unsatisfactorily unanswered during the hearings.

The OVA was placed under the Department of National Defense   (specifically under the PVAO's disposition) where OVA's logistics came from. Altogether, at the hearings both the OVA and the Embassy have failing score cards, thus have been an embarrassment to, and for the Office of the President  of the Philippines. Veterans have the document to back this up.

Some vital queries by legislators during the hearings have remained answered by the Philippine panel. The Assistant Secretary to the President  (PGMA)  was scheduled to come but has been systematically precluded from the list of affiants suggested by veterans to competently argue their case. But there existed some mystery to it, which I have been told.

No other entities were duly authorized to act for, or represent the Fil-Am WW-II veterans in the U.S. regardless of their own nationality and pecuniary interests. Let there be no mistakes about this! 

And lastly, whatever the NAFVE now says and claims as its supposed accomplishments are NOT BINDING to the US Legislators and the veterans what-so-ever. In a nutshell, NAFVE is a non-entity. The veterans perceived it to have allegedly assumed conceit, arrogance and disdain that caused injury to the official lobby under (a state of) confusion and illegitimacy. The veterans’ adviser's name (Col. Romy Monteyro) and (his) photos have been cut in press-and-photo releases so that NAFVE's aspiring advocates could shine over the veteran's adviser named by Representative Filner as his "dancing partner."  These NAFVE shenanigans will be exposed by Mr. B. Reyes and the media soon.

Thus, in sum, this controversy is an end result of the jumbled-up Filipino culture of disorder and insolence. # # #                                            

Editor’s Note: The author, Col. (Ret) Frank B. Quesada, is a World War-II POW. He is also the VFP Liaison Representative to the U.S.A., and consultant to the (ad hoc) National Advisory Council of Fil-Am WW-II Veterans Leaders, by virtue of his extensive proven experience in veterans’ affairs, and in legislative process as former Secretary of Veterans and Military Pensions for decades. He was a former senior staff of U.S Sen. Daniel K. Inouye in the "US Senate Inquiry into the Filipino-American Veteran's Unsettled Claims for Unpaid Compensation and Benefits earned during WW-II."   

Last Updated on Monday, 05 November 2007 06:32

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