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Oct 01st
Home Sections Health and Medicine Filipino-American Educator Initiates Healthcare-Reform Petition
Filipino-American Educator Initiates Healthcare-Reform Petition PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Health and Medicine
Monday, 23 February 2009 16:08

Dr. Emie BreyerDr. Emie Breyer, a Georgia-based Filipino-American educator, pleads for support of a healthcare-reform petition addressed to President Barack H. Obama. Please forward the petition to your friends. She would also appreciate it if you could post the petition in your e-forums, yahoogroups and other websites.





The hyperlink to the online petition:


Here is what Dr. Breyer wrote in the petition: "The economic burden of healthcare cost for both insured and uninsured individuals (especially with increasing unemployment), in the United States is one of the major factors that highly influence current economic, education and immigration policies. Most of the healthcare burden, especially for chronic diseases, could easily be addressed through prevention rather than repeated treatment of the symptoms. We would like to request your support on our proposal in the establishment of a state and federal program where businesses can group together and leverage for lower insurance cost (discount in healthcare insurance premium), provide effective partnership between the business, community and academia in order for a high quality and effective healthcare program that offers affordable healthcare cost for insured individuals focused towards preventive health, oversights for effective and cost-efficient healthcare service for all, and service to the uninsured, with equivalent quality care.

"Efficient and effective utilization of available resources and communication trafficking between healthcare providers and patients have been a consistent source of problems and gaps in the system, where detrimental results have been observed in the past. To meet these challenges, the major objective of this state/federal program is to build infrastructure for communication between the different stakeholders and sustainable programs that feed on this synergistic interaction. This effort will translate to service to the community through quality health care (preventive-health management) and education for all participants. For instance, workplace wellness programs have been validated as good economic sense, not just a boon to public relations.

"We are requesting your support on our proposal for a high-quality, affordable, effective and personalized healthcare for all people. We can come together and tell them how we can be served, or we can wait until someone else can make the decision for us, who may or may not know in detail what we need. The best time to act is now and we are only limited by what we are willing to do. The moment the decision is made for us by the United States Congress, then it will be more difficult to change and undo anything. Please sign this petition if you believe in a quality healthcare that will provide a WIN-WIN situation for all our people"

Please see the sustainable healthcare reform Model at

Please sign the PETITION as found in this hyperlink,

with your name and contact information. Your contact information will not be published. Signing this petition is free. Make your voice count in this very important legislation that affects everyone in this nation. # # #

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Last Updated on Sunday, 15 March 2009 05:52
Comments (2)
1 Friday, 14 August 2009 00:16
I don't think you read the Bill. Or listen to Obama's own financial advisors and did the math. Show us where in the HR 3200 it will reduce costs. Even Obama says this bill will cost allot. Obama economic government spending stimulus has already put filipinos out of work. Come here talk to common people and look at businesses and ships that use trade with US. Most of them are now hoping a Chinese company will put them to work. I am here in the Philippines I have met them. If it was not for the Philippine government taking measures to prevent more economic crisis and not doing business the western style the country would be worse. If have heard at some town hall meetings it is the cost of the Bill
2 Thursday, 03 September 2009 02:56
free health care is nothing but. you pay one way or another like the overpaid underworked nhs workers of the uk.national insurance payments are much higher than average private insurance policies in the usa.

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