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Dec 04th
Home Sections History People’s Congress Convenor Talks of the Noynoy Aquino-Gloria Arroyo (Aquinorroyo) Conspiracy
People’s Congress Convenor Talks of the Noynoy Aquino-Gloria Arroyo (Aquinorroyo) Conspiracy PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - History
Written by Ado Paglinawan   
Thursday, 24 June 2010 07:55


By Ado Paglinawan


Crisis of Sovereignty Series (Part Five)


G loria Macapagal and Mike Arroyo have won their golden parachute to subsequent exoneration and continuing impunity under a Noynoy Aquino administration, despite the zarzuela that is being painted by mainstream media of an apparent animosity between the outgoing and incoming regimes.


Investigative reporters and chroniclers of history ought to take a serious look at these allegations. It tells us it's a GloriAquino or Aquinorroyo world after all!


I would like to specifically call the attention of those who voted yellow to take a close look at this series. Looks like you have all been taken for an ugly joyride! 


The Evil Transition


O pening Remarks delivered by Ma. Linda Olaguer-Montayre, lead convenor of the People’s Congress called by Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4S) at the Club Filipino, June 3, 2010


          In behalf of the Sovereignty for Solidarity (S4S) and also in behalf of the Filipino Democratic Nationalist Reform Movement with its military and civilian components, warmest greetings to all of you.  Mainit po na pagbati sa inyong lahat na galing pa sa iba’t ibang sulok ng ating bansa.  Magiliw po natin kayong tinatanggap sa Kongresong ito ng Sambayanang Pilipino.  Mabuhay po kayong lahat!


          My friends we are here to finally unravel the evils of the Gloria Macapagal Administration and give it the proper ending or burial it finally deserves after wreaking havoc on our country and people for a decade. No, it is not by swiftly jumping into a Noynoy Administration.  As many others are saying blindly, it is time to move on.  Not so fast.  For what we are about to find out, what we are about to unmask is a double deal that smacks of ultimate treachery and betrayal against the Filipino people.


          This secret arrangement we have been informed about calls for a thorough investigation that should not end up in a whitewash, regardless of who will be hit by such a serious inquiry.  All that I am about to relay to all of you should be scrupulously investigated so that we will reach the ultimate truth.


          Mga kapatid, bago mag eleksyon noong Mayo 10, alam ng buong bayan na ang matinding problema ng pamahalaang Gloria Arroyo ay kung papano niya maitatawid ang katapusan ng kanyang termino bilang pangulo tungo sa sunod na pamahalaang hawak rin niya upang hindi siya malitis sa mga krimeng ginawa niya bilang pangulo at papano rin malibre sa habla o kumpiskasyon ang limpak limpak na yamang kinurakot niya at ng kanyang mga pamilya.  Kaya nga bago mag eleksyon napunta tayo sa mga posibilidad o “scenario” na magkakaroon ng “failure of elections” o kahit ang sinasabing “postponement of elections” upang mapanghawakan ni Gloria at mga kasabwat niya ang resulta ng eleksyon noong Mayo 10. 


          Subalit kahit gaanong sikap nila na mapataas sa survey ang kanilang manok at kandidato na si Gibo Teodoro, hindi ito tumaas-taas.  May hawak tayo ng sinasabing mga email sa pagitan ni Sec. Ronnie Puno at Gloria Arroyo kung saan pinaguusapan nila kung papano madadaya ang nasabing Mayo 10 na eleksyon.  Ngunit sa paguusap ng dalawa noong Mayo 7, nagtanong na si Ronnie Puno, sino po ba kagalang galang na Pangulo ang tunay nating sinusuportahan.


          Ano ba ang tunay na nangyari bago dumating ang Mayo 10 na eleksyon?


          My friends, we have been informed and this information we are asking the proper authorities to investigate especially the DND whose head went on nationwide television yesterday to say there was indeed cheating, massive cheating, in the last elections.  We have been told that prior to the elections the big personalities of the eco-political-media and academic elite in our country persuaded presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino to agree to an arrangement with Gloria Arroyo to forestall or obviate any further possible chaos or trouble in connection with the coming electoral exercise. The agreement was enhanced by the fact that Noynoy was leading in the surveys and cheating for him electronically to ensure his victory will be acceptable and almost unquestioned. 


          Such an arrangement indeed happened and to consummate the deal then LP National Treasurer Raffy Nantes turned over the whopping amount of P5.7-billion in behalf of Noynoy Aquino and the Liberal Party to the following personalities:  P1B to Ronnie Puno, P1B to R. Razon, P1B to Mike Arroyo, P1B to Comelec and Smartmatic and the balance to be divided among the members of Congress involved in the canvassing and the proclamation of the President. 


          We are further told that unfortunately for Raffy Nantes, his political partners decided to drop him because on May 6 his island was raided by US and Filipino agents and it was established he was a drug lord.  To cut times with him so as to remove any possibility of being implicated with drug money, his national political allies purposely allowed his defeat in the last elections and so he lost as governor of Quezon Province. The question that begs to be asked of the Liberal Party and Noynoy Aquino, is why was a small time provincial governor tasked to be the national treasurer of a political party whose standard bearers were leading in the surveys prior to the elections.


          Further reports say Nantes was so angry he decided to reveal who were the sources of his funds given to Noynoy and the LP and to whom did he give the funds which we had been already named earlier and for what purpose, which was to cheat for his principals.  That was his undoing.  And so after the elections on his way to Manila aboard his helicopter to reveal all, his helicopter which had been sabotaged crashed.  As a final touch to remove all possible ties with him someone in the top hierarchy of the beneficiary of all these has ordered a contract for the killing of all those who gave funds, both drug and jueteng lords.


          With big money changing hands, it was just a matter of switching the electronic data or gadgets or machines used in the first automated elections in our country to favor the overall beneficiary of this election, resulting in a conspiracy of such a grand scale, the Noynoy-Gloria Arroyo Conspiracy. That is why we have this phenomenon of 253M votes being counted all in all but which aberration those counting in Congress have ignored.  Even the fact that the possible total number of votes counted will be more than the total number of registered voters has not even bothered those canvassing in Congress.  As our friends in the Legislative say, there is a deliberate attempt to railroad the canvassing and immediately proclaim the top two winners.  Why is this so amid all the irregularities that have surfaced?  Why the hurry?  What are they avoiding or what are they afraid of?


          Unfortunately a big bulk of the media which is the Fourth Estate and which could have looked into this issue in behalf of the Filipino people is part and parcel of the whole conspiracy which will result in a continuation of the Gloria Arroyo policies including her cohorts so as to ultimately protect her from being indicted for her criminal acts against the Filipino people. And with a supposedly populist political partner, the conspiracy will impose on the Filipino people a “digitalized president”  and all future national elections in our country will be compromised.  This will truly be the DEATH OF DEMOCRACY.




          Thus the objective and purpose of this Congress is to show and explain to you what irregularities have been committed and how, to stop any and all proclamation resulting from this recent national election, and to charge all the culprits in this national conspiracy to manipulate and subvert the ultimate will of the Filipino people in the last May 10 national elections.





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Comments (1)
1 Thursday, 01 July 2010 15:49
Was it not Lolo Bobby Reyes, the editor, who first used the term, "Aquinorroyo," during the 2010 presidential campaign? I believe that even Manila columnist Nestor Mata reprinted almost the entire article of Lolo Bobby about the "Aquino-Arroyo connection."

Unfortunately I could not access the original "Aquinorroyo" article of Lolo Bobby, as it has perhaps been unpublished in this web site.

Good expose, Mr. Paglinawan.

More power to you and Lolo Bobby,

Maria Clara

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