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Jun 09th
Home Sections History The FASO Cleanses Not Only the Filipino Soul But Also the Lady of the Angels Cathedral of Gloria Arroyo's Stain
The FASO Cleanses Not Only the Filipino Soul But Also the Lady of the Angels Cathedral of Gloria Arroyo's Stain PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - History
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Saturday, 22 January 2011 02:57
By Bobby M. Reyes
Indeed the Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra (FASO) Is Now the Pride and Joy of the Filipino-American Community
On May 17, 2003, then-Philippine President Gloria M. Arroyo spoke at the brand-new Queen of Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles, California. She addressed a motley crowd of Filipino Americans and Overseas Filipinos, many of whom were American citizens. She thanked the Overseas Filipinos for helping the Philippines by their remittances and shipments of Balikbayan boxes (BB). The President said that in 2002, the Overseas Filipinos remitted more than $10-billion (spelled with a B) and 70% of it came from the United States. Probably they sent also more-than a million BBs, each holding canned goods and personal effects in excess of $250, although the President did not mention this educated guess. Then during the mass, Mrs. Arroyo, her husband and majority of her entourage received communion from Roger Cardinal Mahony, as assisted by the archdiocese's first Filipino bishop, the Most Rev. Oscar Solis.
Many of the Filipinos and Filipino Americans present in the Queen of Angels Cathedral could not believe the acts of receiving Holy Communion by then-President Arroyo, the then-First Gentleman and their Rasputins. Several Fil-Am pundits said that Cardinal Mahony should have refused to give Communion to the First Couple for they were actually believed by the Filipino people and many Overseas Filipinos to be "public sinners." To many, the brand-new cathedral suffered on that day a stigma, if not an immoral stain that dirtied the spiritual sanctum that was the finest House of God in Southern California.
L ast night, Jan. 21, 2011, the Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra (FASO) held a concert at the same cathedral that the organizers from the Asian Journal Foundation, Inc., billed as an event that "reconciled God's people" through the music of the Filipino-American and Filipino musicians and singers that brought "harmony in, and to, the community."
From the viewpoint of this writer, the concert was a "two-thumbs up" successful performance that cemented what I wrote before that the "FASO is now the pride and joy of the Filipino-American community, aside from making Filipinos look good, feel good, proud of their multiethnic heritage and prouder of their positive contributions to the United States."
But importantly, the FASO concert cleaned -- or at least started the cleansing of -- the Filipino-American soul (and partly the Filipino national spirit) of the evils of disunity, pettiness and parochial mentality. The FASO music and mostly religious songs certainly removed also the stain of Gloria Arroyo's ill-advised visit with her corrupt husband and equally-corrupt members of her entourage to the cathedral. The FASO members and the Friends of the FASO unwittingly cast away the the stigma of Gloria Arroyo's historic visit to the Queen of Angels Cathedral as supposedly being the first Head of State to attend a service at the said place of worship -- but with the whole world knowing that she is the most-corrupt President in the history of the Philippines, if not the Filipino queen of crooked public servants masquerading as angels.
To understand what this writer saw in Gloria Arroyo's false facade of Christianity at the Queen of Angels Cathedral and in her life, readers are urged to read the following articles that serve as indictments of how the Filipino Roman Catholic Church refused to excommunicate Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the members of her family and her minions in the Philippine government in spite of public knowledge of their corruption, immorality and shameless practices contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ:
Readers will be able to see hyperlinks in the articles that this writer penned about religion and the Gloria Arroyo Dispensation.
(To be continued, as it is already the wee hours of the morning and the writer is tired, in fact "sick and tired" of how the Filipino nation keeps on treating Gloria Arroyo as if she is the Second Coming of Mother Teresa. But the continuation will talk more about the concert and no more about Mrs. Arroyo and her evil empire of looters, extrajudicial-killing masterminds, plunderers, illegal-drug promoters, gambling lords and what not.)


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