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Feb 04th
Home Sections History The Filipino Heritage Month Is a Big Hoax. It's "OctoberFake."
The Filipino Heritage Month Is a Big Hoax. It's "OctoberFake." PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 September 2007 04:39

During the meeting of the Philippine-American Networking and Advocacy (PANA) on Sept. 19, 2007, its presiding officer, Leo Pandac, and this writer clashed on the supposed "Filipino Heritage Month" (FHM) that is celebrated in October. I said that it is a big joke among legitimate historians.

Dr. Pandac said that the FHM was initiated by the Filipino-American National Historical Society (FANHS). He said also that then President Jimmy Carter made it official by proclaiming in an Executive Order the designation of the month of October as the FHM.

This writer told Dr. Pandac that his statement about President Carter’s declaration of the FHM is also a hoax. What President Carter declared was the celebration of the month of May as "Asian-American Heritage Month."

The FANHS made a historical mountain out of a hysterical molehill by alleging that "Filipino-American history began on Oct. 18, 1587." The FANHS claimed that  "Filipinos were the first (sic) Asians to cross the Pacific Ocean as early as 1587, which was 50 years before the first English settlement of Jamestown was established. From 1565 to 1815, during the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade, Filipinos were forced to work as sailors and navigators onboard Spanish Galleons. They arrived in Morro Bay, California. A landing party consisting of Filipino seamen, namely ‘Luzon Indios’ (‘Luzon Indians’), were sent to the California shore to claim (allegedly) the land for the Spanish king."

Serious students of history can really die laughing at the claims of the FANHS. The first error of the FANHS is that the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade did not begin in 1565, as Manila was "founded" (sic) by the Spaniards only in 1571. The second mistake was that many Filipinos (then called "Indios") actually "enlisted" to join the crews of the Spanish galleons. And there is not even one piece of primary or secondary source that prove that "’Luzon Indios’ were sent to the California shore to claim the land for the Spanish king."

The will present the study of the venerable Filipino-American historian, Hector Santos, on the supposed landing of "Luzon Indios" in Morro Bay, California, on Oct. 18, 1587. Readers will have to put their thinking caps on in reading the position paper of Mr. Santos. Mr. Santos also reports that there were Chinese and Japanese members of the crew of the Spanish galleon that landed supposedly in Morro Bay in October 1587. Please refer to Hector Santos' article,

Did Philippine indios really land in Morro Bay?  wherein he discussed the presence of other Asians in the said voyage.

Even if some Filipino crew members did land in Morro Bay, they landed on a mere stopover on the galleon’s way to Acapulco. They did not go ashore to claim the land for the Spanish king and much more disembark to start a settlement. And as Mr. Santos said with a touch of humor, the "Luzon Indios" became the first Filipino laundrymen (sic) in the American continent, if one could argue it from that satirical perspective.

At the PANA meeting, this writer told the community leaders that he and Poet-pundit Fred Burce Bunao cofounded the so-called "Philippine-American National Hysterical Society" (PANHS). Why? At least Mr. Bunao and I never mistake hysteria for history and vice versa – unlike the FANHS people.

The "OctoberFake" is one of the farcical historical claims that the FANHS founders and members keep on foisting on some gullible members of the Filipino-American community. This writer came up with a crusade in the 1990s to counteract the ludicrous claims by Hoaxbalahaps (as I called the pranksters) on supposed "Filipino-American history." The FANHS claims are not only ridiculous but they are also nonsensical, if not preposterous, absurd, incompetent and embarrassing. # # #

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