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Sep 29th
Home Sections Humor & Satire Will Ernie Delfin Produce the “Desperate Housebands (sic)” TV Series?
Will Ernie Delfin Produce the “Desperate Housebands (sic)” TV Series? PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Humor & Satire
Friday, 19 October 2007 04:18

The Filipino grapevine is buzzing with news that a new Filipino-American pay-TV series called "Desperate Housebands" is on the works. "Houseband" is a parody of husband. According to this web site’s Deep Throat, the script is based on Ernie Delfin’s article entitled, "Filipino Nurses in America." The report also says that Mr. Delfin will bankroll the TV series and will serve as its main producer.

The report said that the new soap-opera series may run in the Viva Pinoy Pak, which operates three channels on Dish Network.

Mr. Delfin, a real-estate broker, writes an occasional column for the Philippine Daily Star of Manila, the Asian Journal of San Diego, California, and this online publication. He is the highest-ranking Filipino Rotarian in Orange County, California. He is also the immediate past president of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County. He is also the president of the Progressive Funders, a mortgage-banking company.

Here are excerpts from Mr. Delfin’s article: QUOTE. I have met hundreds of RNs (Registered Nurses) in my twenty-five years plus in America. And I admire a lot of them, yet I also "pity" many of them because they have often become the "martyrs" and main economic posts of their families in the U.S. as well as in the Philippines. BSN has been given the meaning "Binuhay sa Nars" and RN spouses have acquired another degree, PNA meaning "Palamunin ng Asawa." XXX

RN has been referred with some derogatory slant as Reserved for the Navy, as many of them have married navy people who are generally less educated than the Filipino RN (often with a BSN degree). In many instances, the marriage is consummated because the single RN has to legalize her stay in the U.S. before her working or student visa expires. Since 1965, foreign-nursing graduates, after passing the so-called CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) exams were issued an Interim RN license, but within one year they must pass the required state RN exams. If they fail, they must go home or face the traumatic experience of being deported. Obviously, many nurses are scared to become a TNT (tago nang tago) or NPA (no permanent address). Due to the bleak or precarious economic situation back home, no RN in her normal mind would like to go back to the Philippines after a few years in America. And oftentimes, a Navy man (hopefully he is really single) becomes the timely savior for these "helpless" single nurses who want to become permanent residents (green-card holders) in the United States.

When the navy man leaves the US Navy, unless he has educated himself for a higher skilled profession, his potential job outside the navy will be just a janitor, driver or postman (or the $8.00 to $15.00 per-hour jobs) while the RN wife earns approximately $15.00 to $25.00 an hour (Editor’s Note: The wage rates were for the year 2000, when Mr. Delfin wrote this article.) Overtime or double shift will be paid at least 50% more. So, the economic reality comes in, the husband will become the babysitter, the cook and drives a "BMW" (Bring Mama to Work) or simply enjoys his "anim na trabajo" meaning "UNEM'PLOYED" (sic). To afford the amenities of good living, oftentimes the RN has to work double job because the money is real good, while the "proud" (My wife is a Nurse, pare!) husband is playing hooky while the children are in school. Pretty soon because of the lack of a meaningful job and some pocket money, the husband gets addicted going to casinos or falls in love with a younger chick or a more-adventurous woman reminiscent of his navy days. And, then the Filipino RN family disintegrates! Sometimes divorce could be a better solution for these dysfunctional families. However, many times, "for the sake of the children" the wife continues to be married to her bum-husband. Doing so, however, the RN becomes a real "martyr" and suffers more!

This story due to the present socio-economic make-up of RN families happens in every hospital, a real-life drama that has scared many nice, intelligent beautiful, charming ladies NOT to marry at all. For instance, Regine Zamora (not her real name) an RN-client of mine, an epitome of beauty and brains never married because she feels that marriage will lower her standard of living as opposed to making it more satisfying and fulfilling. As I know her well, I predict she will never marry as the "good catch" has been taken, to use her own term. A conservative professional in her late 40s, Regine has a very good stable job as a DON (Director of Nursing) in a prestigious hospital in L.A and has already acquired a house and several rental properties and can easily retire in another five years. Once she confided and told me: "Ernie, I would rather be single if the man I will marry is like any of my best friends' husbands who are janitors, drivers or non-educated navy people who cannot even stimulate me mentally and cannot even carry an intelligent conversation with my other friends." As of this writing, she is not dating any man worth her salt and most likely she might not find a husband who will meet her own specifications. (QFSM = Qualified Filipino Single Men need to apply right away before she turns 50!) UNQUOTE.

To read Mr. Delfin’s article in its entirety, please go to this link

Reports say that Mr. Delfin is assembling a cast of wannabe Filipino actors and actresses, script writers, directors, line producers and other members of the cast.

{ice 409 -link}

Photo shows Ernie Delfin talking with Ms. Linda Nietes of the Philippine Expressions book store (at the background of featured Filipino writers Fred Burce Bunao and Peping Domingo). Perhaps Mr. Delfin and Ms. Nietes were talking behind Messrs. Bunao and Domingo about the script of the new Fil-Am pay-TV series?

(Editor’s Notes: Will Mr. Delfin tap also the literary services of a Fil-Am scriptwriters’ group that Poet-Pundit Fred Burce Bunao heads? Mr. Bunao was reported also to have been contracted by the alleged producers of a new ABC Network’s series, "Desperate Housemaids." Click the link to read the report on the "Desperate Housemaids " ABC's new series. 

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