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Feb 26th
Home Columns Ike Señeres A Think Tank for Nation Building
A Think Tank for Nation Building PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Ike Señeres
Written by Ike Señeres   
Saturday, 04 December 2010 20:13


By Ike Señeres                                                              

U niversal Access is now the title of my radio program in DZRJ that is aired daily, Mondays to Sundays from 2PM to 3PM. DZRJ can be heard locally on the 810 AM band and is also streamed live at where it could be heard internationally. Each day, a different topic is discussed about universal access to Governance, Learning, Health, Justice, Business, Services and Banking (in that daily order).


It is easy to discern from the discussions that universal access is really all about the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as defined by the United Nations. It I also easy to conclude that it is not possible to achieve universal access without achieving complete convergence first as a requisite. By this, I mean the convergence of the components of universal access, and the convergence of the contributors to the complete process.


Universal Access is also the theme and purpose of the Corinthian Coffee Clutch, the weekly forum of Filipinos and foreigners that meets every Friday at the Dodge Room of the Elks Club in Makati City. Nation building is the main objective of the Clutch, but it is clear to all the members that complete convergence is the way towards universal access, leading to nation building. In a recent meeting of the Clutch, the members agreed to adopt “Isip Bayan” as a nickname, a Filipino term that roughly translate into nation building.


As part of its repositioning, the members of Isip Bayan also agreed to become a volunteer think tank for nation building, in the service of the government agencies and the local governments, as well as the nonprofit organizations and the private corporations. It was also agreed that the think tank will become more pro-active in the media, to bring forward to the public mind the importance of complete convergence, universal access and nation building.


B eing a volunteer think tank for nation building is a tall order, but the roster of Isip Bayan is a tall one too. Included in its ranks are several businessman and professionals many of whom are scientists and experts with doctorate and masters degrees from top local and foreign universities. Aside from the locally based members, the think tank has a mailing list of foreign based scientists and experts who are all ready to help in our nation building.


As a think tank, Isip Bayan is not going to get directly involved in the project level, even if individual members may do so on their own. In line with this rule, we are now accrediting organizations that could become our partners for implementation at the project level. We have accredited two organizations so far, one for the peace process, and the other one for social medicine. We will disclose their identities soon.

For the peace process, Isip Bayan is going to host a separate weekly meeting of organizations that could participate in programs and projects that would bring peace to the country, by looking for peaceful solutions that would end our conflicts with insurgencies, rebels and other armed groups. If you are interested in this effort, please contact us.


Universal access to health is one of the most important goals in nation building. Towards this goal, Isip Bayan is now in the process of building a charity hospital that will become the “mother ship” of a network of charity clinics, all interconnected via the technology of telemedicine. With this technology, it is now possible to treat patients in remote locations.


The services provided by the commercial think tanks are usually very expensive, and most government agencies and local governments could not afford their rates. The same is true in the case of nonprofit organizations. Many private companies could afford their rates, but not all of them would be willing to invest in think tank services for public purposes.


I applaud the efforts of many nonprofit organizations that are all trying to do some good things for nation building one way or the other. On the other hand, if all of these organizations will go towards their own individual ways without coordinating with the others, it would be difficult to achieve the critical mass of results. We invite all of them to coordinate with Isip Bayan. # # #

Go for Complete Convergence! Tune in to Universal Access 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday in DZRJ 810 khz or log on to  Watch KA IKING LIVE! Saturdays 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm in Global News Network (GNN), Channel 21 in Destiny Cable. E-mail or text +639293605140 for local cable listings. Visit



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