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Apr 15th
Home Columns Ike Señeres Charity and Advocacy Can Help People In Need
Charity and Advocacy Can Help People In Need PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Ike Señeres
Written by Ike Señeres   
Monday, 17 January 2011 12:05


By Ike Señeres  


Now Multimedia Entities Will Promote a Donation Service with the Collection Being Done Online and Via Mobile Service


I look at charity and advocacy as two sides of the same coin. The bottom line is the same, to help people in need where they are, in whatever possible ways there are. The difference perhaps is the depth and reach of the help given. The effect of charity is apparently short term, to help people for a day perhaps. The effect of advocacy is long term. Taking the case of livelihood, giving people fish to eat is charity, teaching them how to fish is advocacy.


Whatever it is, whether it is charity or advocacy, I have now found a way to help the people who are giving help to others. I now have a donation service that will enable charity and advocacy organizations to promote their cause on one hand, and to collect donations on the other hand. The promotion side will be done through multimedia, and the collection will be done through an online and mobile service.


To be specific, the promotion side will be done through a continuing series of public service announcements that will be aired by participating media outlets. These will be in the form of public-service announcements (PSA) that will run for one minute, and sponsored by corporate responsibility programs. I am happy to announce that Global News Network (GNN) and Rajah Broadcasting System (RBS) have already agreed to join this project.


To be specific as well, the collection side will be done through a website and a mobile gateway. Through these two facilities, anyone can donate anything anytime from anywhere, using either their computer or their cell phone. To make it easy for those who are not electronically connected, we will also set up service booths in the malls and supermarkets.


Many Filipinos here and abroad want to help the country in whatever way they could, either through charity or advocacy means. The problem is, it is not easy for them to do that, not having the convenient means to do it. Until now, there was also no way for them to give small donations in any amount, but that is doable now using this system.


Filipinos, Especially OFWs, Can Donate to Any Government Agency


U nknown to most people, it is actually possible to donate anything to any government agency, including the local government units (LGUs). These donations could actually be rewarded with tax credits, in effect turning the whole exercise into a voluntary tax procedure. Of course, this could not be used to cover for all tax dues, but this procedure could be an option for those who want to make sure that part of their tax money would go to a purpose that is in line with their priorities.


In developing the software, I made sure that aside from goods and money, people could also donate their time and talent. With this in mind, I asked the software developers to make the service compatible with the Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) concept, a system that is already popularly used in many countries. LETS is actually a barter system that allows participants to buy and sell goods and services without any money involved.


Public and private partnership (PPP) is a big concept but anyone could actually help in whatever small ways they could, more so now that there is already a donation service in place. The best way to help is to donate to an existing government program that is already up and running. One such program is run by the National Development Support Command (NADESCOM) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).


NADESCOM has already built more than 800 school buildings and health centers all over the country, particularly in depressed and war torn areas. The structures are already built, but these are all lacking in equipment and supplies such as tables and chairs. Fortunately, the PCSO has already committed to equip the health centers. Any individual is welcome to donate anything, in cash or kind.


In cooperation with NADESCOM, the Corinthian Coffee Clutch (ISIP BAYAN) is now helping the Montalban Planters Agro-Development Association (MAPALAD) in Barangay Macabud, Rizal, so that they could turn their community into a model village. It is ironic to note that this village is only 45 minutes away from Quezon City, and yet it has no water, no electricity and no health center.


NADESCOM has already pledged to build the water system, the mini power plant, the feeder road and the health center, but donations are still needed to complete everything. This is an ideal site to build a model community, because the people are willing, and the local government is friendly. Fortunately, NADESCOM has approved my proposal to adopt the Integrated Area Development (IAD) approach.  # # #



Go for the good life! Tune in to Universal Access 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday in DZRJ 810 KHZ and 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Thursdays in Global News Network (GNN), Channel 8 in Destiny Cable. E-mail or send text to +639997333011for local cable listings. Visit



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