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Tuesday, 06 November 2007 07:09

Here is my basic understanding of Bobby Reyes' Shadow Government. "It is a 'government-in-waiting' that remains in waiting with the intent to take control of the government in response to some event."

I have not directly responded to Bobby's request because of the confusion over this definition, 'the intent to take control' sounds opportunistic and manipulative. It seems to be a separate entity from the one that will create the event of overthrowing the existing government, therefore, it has to have an alliance or a pre-agreement with those who will topple down the present system.

If natural causes make the event happen, how will the 'stand-by' government set foot and control unless the present system had been fully decapitated or decimated by natural calamity?

Could it be premised that a "shadow government" would covertly topple down an existing system by force or other means to allow it to take over? Then it has to have a 'military force' capable of undertaking the turnover.

The process of creating a 'shadow' taking over the 3D object requires projected lights generating a diagramed illusion through optical projections. This will be the non-violence transformation by creating this optical diagrammatic projections in the form of an 'changed evolving mind-set'. The new mind set of the majority 'youth', the young generation that will be the future leaders of the various communities and the smallest unit of governance - the family - their own families of the future.

This is the 'Shadow' that will be cast from the light projections of the new mind set of the Youth. The ideals and aspirations for a better life, a brighter future, a better tomorrow. The shadow cast towards the horizon as the sun sets down is long and narrow - a thin thread of hope that can disappear anytime as the sun foes down. The only hope will be the sunrise of tomorrow, an event that could take some long dark night in the history of our nation.

We do not want to wait for the 'afterglow' of hopelessness. We need to act now before the sun sets. # # #

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