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Tuesday, 24 March 2009 07:17
My dearest Ella: Shock made me to just sit here and absorb the reality of Bernie's passing, before I can send you this. I am deeply sorry, and I know that nothing I could say will ease the pain that you and his family feel. I feel it too. I have known Bernie for almost 3 decades (long before I graduated from law school) and though we did not always keep in touch, we were always connected in other ways. He taught me a lot, and I can say without doubt, that my confidence in my personal and professional life stem from him. He was a good man, always positive in life, and never had an unkind word for anyone. I will miss his kindness. I will miss his laughter. I will miss his humor. But mostly, I will miss him. This was one of his last email to me, "I try to do `Unforgetable`. But it turned out somewhat `forgetable'." Bernie, wherever you are, God bless your soul, in this case, you were wrong! For you will always be “Unforgettable” not only to me, but also to your family, and to everyone that you have touched in your lifetime, as well. Remember that we are here for you Ella, sharing not only your grief, but also the love that Bernie gave all of us. Emi Lee

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