Dear Bobby, Derogatory indeed. I just Print
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Friday, 17 April 2009 22:16
Dear Bobby, Derogatory indeed. I just learned something new from your letter to Jonathan. But then my naive mind could only chuckle because the word FLIP brings to mind the term used when someone goes berserk or crazy. Remember people saying "his mind must have flipped!" And not to forget "flip-flops," which are the rubber-thong slippers worn by beachgoers, and last but not least, the ever popular name they call people who can't make up their minds, "flip-floppers." Our political leaders are so good at "flipping" that the name FLIP should be bestowed on them. The name shows the insecurity of those who chose that name. I am sorry to make this comment but I just can't fathom the reasoning behind choosing such a name. As teenagers would say, "that is a lame name, duh!" If I seem to be dense, maybe I too must have flipped or just plain ignorant of what is going on with our supposedly "Cerebral Filipino Community." Your articles are the only ones worth reading. It gives me a good laugh because your commentaries are jocular. That is what we are supposed to be known for back then and you made a revival of that Filipino trait . . . witty yet it smarts, too. Dan Soriano

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