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Friday, 24 April 2009 06:42
Congrats, Anita, for making the right assessment. I'm Catholic, but don't believe there's such a thing as a "Catholic vote". As most of us know, the only "solid vote" among religious sectors would be...the Iglesia ni Cristo vote. Trust me, I won't vote for any candidate just because he has the "Imprimatur" of the CBCP. As a rule, I let my conscience guide me at the voting booth. In previous elections here in the U.S. - there were occasional "pastoral letters" coming from some diocese "instructing" the faithful on how vote, hinting at "who" or "what" to vote for, and then...towards the end of the letter...raising the spectre of "excommunication" or threat of the fires of hell if one didn't vote "right". If I recall, I hit the "reply all" button saying in effect that I'd much rather disobey the pope than disobey my conscience, and if I were to be "excommunicated" I should at least be given the privilege of performing the ceremony myself: let any bishop bring me a missal (preferably in Latin), incense, candles, holy water - and I'll commit religious hara-kiri like a good samurai. The funny is, I NEVER GOT A RESPONSE. Nananakot lang pala! Anong akala nila sa Dios - na ang panginoong Dios ay utu-uto, at basta na lang susunod sa kahit anong sulsol ng mga obispo?! He, he, he! Addi

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