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Saturday, 25 April 2009 21:58
Joseph, Glad to know Sen. Pimentel has responded directly to you. If you wish, if I have the email address you used for him, I can write him to bolster your position and perhaps have more continuity and rapport with him and our NPCers. I have some comments too about the "Right to Reply" bill and related ones. You mean Sen. Pimentel's bill decriminalizes any "newspapers [who] should provide generous space" but who do not, to people who would like to defend themselves and whom the "press can continue attacking" ? How then does the bill help the people "mortified"--as you say--and where can they seek "freedom of the press" ? Amusing. But the topic was a good one for the Kapehan, and let us invite Sen. Pimentel to join us perhaps, online. We appreciate the time he has given for his response to you. Lourdes

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