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Monday, 18 May 2009 14:30
Re: Fearless Forecast of GMA Becoming the Filipino Noriega Dear Friends: I have just written a fearless forecast of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (once she is no longer the Philippine President), her husband, sons and Rasputins being arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and tried in a U.S. federal court on charges similar to those filed against former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. To read my forecast, please click on this link: Why the Arroyo Family and Its Rasputins Will Meet General Noriega’s Fate Or copy and paste to your browser this URL: The problem of a former President Arroyo lies in the fact that the new Philippine President (who will be elected in the May 2010 elections) cannot grant her pardon for her presumed conviction by a U.S. federal court on charges stemming from stealing American economic-and-military aid, money laundering, etceteras, etc. Getting elected as members of the Philippine House of Representatives will not help Mrs. Arroyo and her sons who are now congressmen. Proof? Remember Philippine Congressman Mark Jimenez? My report should change the dynamics of the 2010 elections, as the traditional politicians and The Imperial Manila -- once they realize the "American" problem of the Arroyo Family and its Rasputins -- will abandon her like rats do on a sinking ship. The vested interests in the Philippines cannot antagonize Uncle Sam, as the United States is still the world's biggest market, financial capital, home of the world's biggest and most-productive Overseas-Filipino communities, aside from being the only superpower in the world. Hala bira, hala bira, to borrow the words of Doc Simp of Romblon and Chicago, Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes Editor

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