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Saturday, 30 May 2009 10:26
Pareng Jesse, I wonder how Bong Revilla would react to your column which, typical of your Barako style, cuts both ways. Ha ha ha. It's right on target! It seems nobody is complaining about the sex acts of Kho and his multiple partners. The ruckus appears to be that the whole sexual episodes were videotaped and are being shown. Now, look at this. Dr. Vicky Belo through her lawyer was in fact decrying, not her and Kho's sexual congress, but the fact that their videotaped performance was being shown! Who's really the voyeur? Those who bought and saw the videotape? Those who watched out of curiousity? Those in the Senate like Bong Revilla? Those who are involved like Kho and Belo? Those in law enforcement? It goes and goes and goes. In any case, congratulations pare for this eye-opener of an essay! Cheers. Romy Marquez

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This is a comment on "Why Do Filipinos Talk About the Kho-Halili Sex Video Instead of Foreign Pedophiles, the “Abortion Doctors” and the Arroyo Corruption Scandals?"
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