ka jesse, What else can I say except " Print
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Sunday, 31 May 2009 22:56
ka jesse, What else can I say except "BINGO" you said it all. There oughta to be law banning movie box-office king from legislative office. its sickening and outlandish to have such kind ofelected officials who are ignoramus on such sensitive issues of abortion,pedophiles, women sex trafficking,etc. only to granstand on inconsequential issues which unsuspecting masa is only titillated as a curious cat without any redeeming moral values to learn from. ika nga, onli in da Pilipins. OMG, forgive them for not knowing what they do.

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This is a comment on "Why Do Filipinos Talk About the Kho-Halili Sex Video Instead of Foreign Pedophiles, the “Abortion Doctors” and the Arroyo Corruption Scandals?"
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