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Monday, 22 June 2009 02:40
Bobby, What a wonderful story! You must be brimming with pride having a father like him. I too would like to be a father that my two sons and their children will be proud of. But that kind of opportunity that your father had, living during the war may not come in our lifetime. I commend your father for seizing the day (carpente diem) and making his children proud of his accomplishments. I suggest you go ahead write that book. This may be your last chance to do it since eyewitnesses do not live forever. It may be a disobedience to your father's wishes but he will understand. I'm sure a producer will turn it into a blockbuster film. Written after his death, and with eyewitness accounts, it will be seen as an authentic tale of heroism, rather than some self-serving memoirs of past politicians. Best regards, Manny Bade

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