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Saturday, 11 July 2009 17:14
Pareng Jesse, Maybe what people saw in the mirror wasn't Michael Jackson as we all knew him from the glory days of "I'll Be There". That Michael Jackson was real. The one who died had sprung from celluloid - superficial, child-like, ostentatious. Your description of his death and funeral -- "like a Barnum and Bailey circus, with clowns and all" -- was vivid. Indeed, it reflected the life and times of the man. I wasn't much of his fan, regardless of him being prolific, specially when it became known that he was suspected of being a child molester. Pare, I think you succeeded in portraying the man as he was publicly and privately. Good writing. I am surprised, however, that you were a fan of his! By the way, how come we never bump on each other at Intercon Makati's Where Else? I used to hang out there with media friends. Thanks and best regards, Romy Marquez

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