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Saturday, 11 July 2009 17:17
Pareng Romy, Thanks for the comment. It's a small world. The reason perhaps we didn't bump into other in that place was probably because we had a different purpose. I went there to hunt for chicks and perhaps you went there to hunt for news and to hang out with Doroy Valencia at the Calesa Bar/Coffee Shop. I've seen him there a couple of times holding court to news hounds. Probably you were one of them that I've seen he was holding court to. If I am not mistaken, Doroy was THE main man then at that time in news column writing. During those times I was a photojournalist with the U.S. Seventh Fleet Public Affairs Office in Subic Bay and I only knew Doroy by sight. He was pointed out to me by one of the girls I used to go out with. Okay, take care now, and once again thanks for your kind comments. Jesse

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