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Tuesday, 25 August 2009 17:07
Ms. Obana, Thank you for your comments, they are well noted. I'm quite thankful too that you took the time to read my story and tried to decipher the many meanings in it. I can see that you are taking issue with my writing style. Were I not a Filipino doing the same kind of writing, would you have complained that I'm manipulating the truth, or I'm trying to condemn anyone? The facts speak for themselves, and I have not even interpreted those facts for the greater understanding of those who see nothing wrong in NaFFAA and its officials. If there is an allegation of impropriety, of thievery, of abuse, of taking advantage of us, it is because the facts speak of them. I did not ask those people to do what they did, they did it on their own. I am a reporter, not a twister of facts, not a manipulator of events, not a fabricator of lies. The NaFFAA people, some of them at the helm, are all of those, and I'm so sad that you're being taken for a sweet ride to defend NaFFAA at all costs. I wish you would take pause, reread this and past stories, and you would see how truly biased are you against those who bring out the truth in our community. You, I'm sorry to say, are not defending the truth; rather you are defending your friends in NaFFAA. I have not accused anyone of wrongdoing. What I did was to report the wrongdoing, the people who committed the wrongdoing and the other people who complained about the wrongdoing. It's not really difficult to understand that. But for someone whose mind is already set, no amount of impartial reporting could change their perceptions. If there's anyone out there who insults our collective intelligence, it is the top officials of NaFFAA. Twelve years and running and now comes Bobby Reyes and I standing up for the truth, for transparency and accountability. How come it didn't happen before? If you loved NaFFAA you would have done the same thing we're doing -- expose all the crooks in NaFFAA and their dirt. Did you mean that all this time, you have buried your head in the sand, not wishing to see the illuminating power of knowing what's going on? I am a Filipino but I do not wish the crooks and the scam artists to speak for me. I do not wish to be represented by them in any manner. I do not want to be identified with them, nor be associated with them. Of course, it's your choice to stay true with your friends, blindly and unquestionably. That's where we differ. I'd rather, as the adage goes, light a candle than curse the darkness. And if by lighting a candle all the imperfections come out, then so be it. I do appreciate your candidness. Thanks and best regards, Romy Marquez

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