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Saturday, 05 September 2009 04:23
While I agree, to some extent, with the opinion of Bobby Reyes, I feel that NJ is justified in resorting to stereotyping. The fact is, the overall impact and accomplishment of the Filipino leaves much wanting. Mr. Reyes can talk about all the past Filipino glories he wants, but we remain a people who are intrinsically unhappy with our lot. Whoever said "money isn't everything" most likely didn't have money to begin with. And such money decides the strength of an economy, the raised standards of living, and the quality of life of the people. The Philippines remains the Sick Man of Asia. We are, to this day, unable to rise above ourselves and create a proud economically sturdy nation. We suffer inept leaders and hasten to replace them with even lousier ones. The fact is we remain hampered by a stigma of being servants, nurses, domestic helper, carers of the aged, desert and shipboard roustabouts with salutatory designations coupled to paltry pay. The common Filipino's dream is to be hired (abroad preferably, by a large multinational if not) and to be an employee, then a retiree for the remainder of his foreseeable life. What NJ is asking us to do is to aim higher, expect more from ourselves, and stand for more. In that, his means to his end is justifiable.

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