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Monday, 14 September 2009 21:09
Mr. Marquez, you managed to get the goat again of Mr. Macabenta. What really happened between the two of you, considering that a few years back, Mr. Macabenta was your drinking buddy and fellow-womanizing macho, who was fond of goat kaldereta as complimentary pulutan to go along with his free "screw-you-driver." As I said before, if the national chairman of the NAACP or the OCA (Organization of Chinese Americans) or even the La Raza of the Mexican-American community would answer any journalist with the cuss words that Mr. Macabenta has been using to insult you, that chairman would be forced to resign immediately. Why does Mr. Macabenta always lose his cool when he deals with you? He should have moved to my home region of Be-coolandia, so that he could reply to you with tact, diplomacy and public-relations savvy like most (ahem) Bicolnons do. Or did Mr. Macabenta reply to your inquiries when he was drinking heavily again? As I have been telling the young man Gregorio, he should better make some Gregorian chants first before he attempts to reply to you. He should act smart, especially since you are asking about the Smart Communications' deal with the NaFFAA. Better make sure that the next time you send him a question, he is sober, so that he can answer you with the proper dignity and decorum befitting the head of a national ethic federation. Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes Editor

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