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Tuesday, 15 September 2009 14:13
Dear Romy: I did not really outscoop you on the Smartgate. You were the one who brought it out in the open. It is your story to pursue to the end. Whether or not Jon Melegrito and/or Lourdes Corrales gave you some documents is part of our trade. I have not written anything about it, as I am leaving it up to you. I merely reported what some NaFFAA officers in Region One are saying about it and their educated guesses on your sources of information. RE: Apo Ernie Gange's move. I merely reported what he told me that he is going to be interviewed by the Filipino Reporter staff. Well, eventually we can come up with a book about the NaFFAAgate, the Menorgate (with additional coverage from Tito Cortez and his fellow CRABS officers), the Ballygate and now the Smartgate. This will be one book that future generations of Filipino Americans will treasure, as it will chronicle what Filipino Americans did at the end of the second millennium in the United States (that is, from 1997 to the present and counting). Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes Editor,

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