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Monday, 22 February 2010 23:14
My two cents... Let us say a bully once grabbed my comic book, my source of joy. After 46 years he returned it to me. Okay, this did not really happen with me. It happened to the Philippines in 1898 and 1946. The United States grabbed the Philippine, freedom, a source of joy, in 1898. The U.S. then returned that source of joy on July 4, 1946. Why does the Philippines celebrate being bullied and later patronized? When I was living near Rockford, Illinois some years ago, local Filipinos actually celebrated July 4 with a picnic every year! If it were up to me July 4 should be just another footnote in Philippine history, not a holiday worth celebrating. It should be just a historical footnote akin to, say, the Pact of Biak na Bato. That farcical event at Biak na Bato was packed with deceit (by both sides) just like the American encouragement of Aguinaldo to fight the Spaniards in the Spanish-American War. Aguinaldo naively did not realize that the Americans had deceitful intentions of actually grabbing the country which they did by way of the clubby Treaty of Paris. Fred Natividad Livonia, Michigan

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