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Saturday, 13 March 2010 00:09
As fossil fuel continue to deminish in supply and increase of proce, as world wide demand for fossil fuel grows and worst its environmental impact that cost the warming effect.Our country and the rest of the will need to look for another alternative method to meet the ever growing demand for energy. There can be no doubt that renewable clean energy is the way of the future. The Kyoto Protocol design and encourage that every nation must cut emission target to world temperature to 1990 level but the main opposition is China and the United States. As there is a treat and the Global Warming is real again all nations meet at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate change and the US and China as the major sponsors and ratified the Copenhagen Accord and every nation must submit their CO2 emission reduction to be submitted this jan.31,2010. For this suggestions feel in hang no target and it seems all llussion,our government tries but HOW and even all nations tried but HOW. But for this there is a practical solution just abolish the fuel coal that emits 6 billion metric tons CO2 emission yearly. The JPI Fuel Industry had develop an option fuel to replace the coal. It is made entirely of waste organic supply when process forms an innovative firewood fuel of any size that can energize all of the worlds direct burning heavy industries for both power and none power sector. Sets side that it had a fertilizer by product which will supply our country agricultural demand by 80%. ,and a biofuel blend that can supply 10% as invaded on RA 9367. All nations tried this but they all failed due to production cost,method of production and our trade secret.Even our very own UP tried and experimented it and came to a conclusion that it is not sustainable.? Our country could produce 120 million metric tons yearly and our industry total demand is only 20 million and the surplus exportable. This the only way to save our planet earth and our country is blessed for we have the solution that can move our country to move forward a nation to emerge this 21th century. This product could create million and millions of local jobs and that every Filipino will be having a decent everlasting job security. I had invented this product and used it on a thermal power plant during my stay at a logging company in 1980. Sa coal climb to a high rocketing gear I had re-modified it and created The company JPI Fuel Industry the answer to prevent climate change. Although the company is still at its infant stage our company is now in negotiation to deliver 1,100 metric tons daily on a leading cement manufacturer in our country that seize operation due to the high price of imported coal and bunker fuel. Through your columns, radio stations,to Engr. Ruby de Guzman of DOE and to Hon. Heherson Alvarez of the commssion om climate change that be given also a special attenttion. Our product would be exhibited at the 18th European Biomass conference and exhibition at Lyon, Frtance this coming may 3 to 7 ,2010.. For more visit website jaime imbat, e-mail, tel 0755664182. Thanks.

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1 Tuesday, 05 October 2010 16:24
The article is of great importance for our country and for the world as will. We must have to save our planet earth fro climate change. I think the solution is to now change the fuel coal, a battle cry at Copenhagen to reduce greenhouse enmission and here is a very simple solution. Let the leaders of the world will open their eyes and shift to J P I Fuel endeavour.
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