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Monday, 22 March 2010 17:30
I agree with you. the issue of Luisita has been dragging on. Hacienda Luisita was the only accomplishment of the late Cory. The problem is who would pay the 2b debt of the the Cojuangcos? Perhaps the government since the land would have to be paid for. It is about time since the sugar industry in Tarlac is virtually dead. The farmer beneficiaries or at least the people who are going to benefit should be warned not to sell within 20 years since most of the agrarian beneficiaries sold within 5 yrs although against the law. Landowners are or were paid for the measly amount of 6500 to 150k per ha then farmers turn around and sell at 1m per ha. regards. A Landowner in Tarlac City (as e-mailed to the Editor) Note: Name withheld on request, as the person is actively involved in the community

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