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Monday, 19 April 2010 09:25
thank you for posting. i'm not a writer.i can't write a single post as good and bright as this one. well every post here is a must read that i pass it on to friends whoever their candidate is. i thought of it as an eye opener especially to those pro-noynoy ones. i tied a yellow ribbon when ninoy died, turn- off ako kay cory, i somewhat liked FVR , didn't care about erap, and voted for GMA (big mistake!). i have forgotten reading about phil. politics until villar came along. i said, he is the man. then i began researching again coz i've forgotten about what made the aquino's.. it came back to memory... the massacre, other killings, their own vested interests etc. but even without that history of bloodshed and some other things that cory did that i despise, i will still not vote for his son, noynoy. why? my simple answer is, he's not good enough, not even close to it. i say it's the man, manny villar, he's the one who deserves the vote of every filipino. why? again,my answer is simple, because his excellent record speaks up for him even if he doesn't open his mouth. not to mention how he did it. his sipag at tiyaga attitude will be an inspiration to the filipinos especially to the youth, the youth which are the "pag-asa ng bayan'.

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