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Monday, 26 April 2010 15:29
It is degrading and discriminatory to be labeling Noynoy that he was mentally sick before. And even if it were true that he had sought psychiatric help, so what? There are many sane-looking people in government yet behind our backs, they are thinking of how to amass billions. I think that all psychiatrists, guidance counsellors should raise a placard to give honor to their profession. Their work should be upheld. And in this case, they should rally behind Noynoy and say that it is all right for anyone to seek professional help. The presidency can be sought by anyone, especially by one with a heart of gold. What is being a so-called "normal" person yet kleptocratic in character, stealing from the people's coffers? Let's stop all this hullabaloo about mind labelling and focus instead on the need to give justice to the peoples' needs.

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