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Thursday, 29 April 2010 19:01
Napaka powerful ng vision ni Villar!this gives inspiration to the 45 million poor pilipinos,We have a very good senate slate,We have the suppor tof about 15 million voters from different organizations and religious groups and the government plus the silent majority of the poor about 20 million.surely we are winning!!!!!!!!!!!But we have to boast our WINNING image in PUBLICITY meaning,not just the power ADS of sen.Villar but also his denials in controversies and his final appeal why he must be elected with the ADS background of tha huge crowd crying for him to become the next President!WE therefore we demand PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMINATION FOR ALL THE PRESIDENTIABLES so HELP US MR.SENATOR AND THIS MUST TAKEPLACE first week of MAY!This issue of the WELLBEING ot the President to be will be the leading and final issue!

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