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Friday, 30 April 2010 14:03
The Cojuangcos Eat Farmers for Breakfast The acquisition of Hacienda Luisita in August 1957 was through a P5.9 million loan from Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) along with a loan of $2.1 million from Manufacturer’s Trust Company of New York and Chase Manhattan Bank in the United States. The GSIS loan was explicitly tied to the condition and a clear directive that the lands would be distributed to the agricultural workers.” Fernando Cojuangco, cousin of Noynoy Aquino, (who manages the hacienda) is apparently arrogant enough to boast to a New York Times reporter holding a tape recorder that the family "had no intention of giving up the land or the sugar business." THE COJUANCOS EAT FARMERS FOR BREAKFAST!!! TRUE TO THEIR OPPORTUNISTA SELVES, the land was never distributed to the farmers despite CARP and its successor CARPER being passed into law!!! Is this the pro-poor society Noynoy is promising if he is elected into office??? This is has got to be the biggest scam the country has ever seen! Don’t let this elitist politician fool you into believing otherwise. Know the right kind of truth:

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