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Tuesday, 22 June 2010 11:12
Bobby Manasan wrote: "The non-elites can bitch all they want. that is all they can do anyway. by the end of 6 years noynoy would have been called all the names that the non-elites called marcos, erap and GMA. to him, it will be like water off a duck's back. why should noynoy care? he knows can be still be elected a congressman of tarlac if he wants to in 2016. anyone here care to dispute that?" Now, that is another pitch that seems worthwhile to pursue ... What the majority of Filipino Citizens must realize is the WE, Filipino Citizens, ALLOWED all the CRIMES that were inflicted on US and WE did NOT do anything concrete to drag ALL those CRIMINALS to their graves. And starting with the incoming administration, WE Filipino Citizens should NEVER allow ever again for any criminal act to go unpunished immediately. The RIGHTS of Filipino Citizens have priority over the rights of all those criminals. The "time-line" up to 2016 will depend on actual achievements by 10 OCTOBER 2010. For the forced-choice that the "Ruling Elite" has shown is either resignation or assassination. Who the hell cares about the "Rule of Law" when it is the lawyers, fiscals, and judges of the "Ruling Elite" that are the instruments for inflicting tyranny and oppression. The lawyers, fiscals, and judges should be among those who shall either resign immediately or be assassinated anytime, anywhere, between their offices and their homes. And that goes for the members of the Supreme Court as well, who have not been serving the welfare and benefit of the Filipino citizenry. This time the truly pissed off non-elites will not even bitch ... JM

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