We Can Only Blame the Non-Elite Masses Print
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Tuesday, 22 June 2010 11:15
At the END OF THE DAY, we can only blame the NON -ELITE (masses) after all, they are the MAJORITY and the POWER behind in all these elections. Just look what happened, the Eraps, the Marcosses, the Governors, Mayors, even Barangay captains, who were known to be plunderers and not just rumors but were already indicted still won. They bit the hands of these good people and instead listened to their grumbling stomachs. Never mind, the honors, the principles, they were starving so for P500.00 and half cavan of rice, 'KUMAPIT SA PATALIM" AND it will be a vicious cycle over and over again. The ELITE can get away with anything, pay off the lawyers, the judges, and the NON-ELITE. It does not make sense at all to grumble and grumble, maybe JM is right after all, TSUNAMI is needed. Anita

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