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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 17:45
"NaFFAA's Objectives: broad and non–specific; exclusively for Fil–Am." - Nelson america for the fil-ams could translate in local island politics into ilocos for the ilocanos, pangasinan for the pangasinenses, cebu for the cebuanos, batangas for the batanguenos, pampango for the pampanguenos, cavite for the cavitenos, public treasury for the politicos, military budget for the generals, and whichever special-interest groups happen to be holding power at the moment. the laws the lawmakers enact could be for the benefit of their constituency and to hell with outsiders. it smacks of: "kami-kami, kayo-kayo, tayo-tayo, sila-sila, kanya-kanyang dilihensya lang pare, darating din ang araw ninyo, magtiis na lang muna kayo." the natives' cultural trait of taking care of one's group exclusively may seem more justifiable on the world stage than it would be on the local political stage. if exclusivity is proper on the world stage, why should the same exclusivity be considered corruption in the local landscape? why should the selfish predisposition of island natives apply differently because of the locations? bobby

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