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Thursday, 12 August 2010 22:25
LOLO Bobby, LOL!!! Once again, I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. You're indeed a genius in satires. To wit: . From NaFFAA to NaFAAA (with that added letter, A) as in "National Federation of Filipino-American Alcoholic Anonymous." . "Battle with the bottle." . "Looting of the Federation..." and the "urge to DIP their fingers in the KITTY." . "The powerful passion for the Philippines and its world-famous beer, rum and other alcoholic products..." And "MULTIETHNIC because he likes not only the alcoholic exports from the archipelago but also those that come from other nations..." . "No spring chicken" ... but "apparently childish" and in his "second childhood" with his "uncouth words and terms." And the most precious of all: "BIG MAC" to mean "Bold and Intelligent and Gwapos' Mutual Admiration Club." Who else, but you, LOLO Bobby, can come up with exciting satires such as these? Yes indeed, let's drink to our Cup O' Kapeng Barako and more power to you and to our exclusive club, BIG MAC. And cheers ngarud!!! Jesse Jose Seattle, WA

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