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Saturday, 18 September 2010 09:48
FYI NAfffa is an unfamiliar to me.... Just because Rodel was part of it it does not mean he still active with the group. It so happem Souther California US Pinoy worked with Rodel and I do not appreciate us being drugged into INAFFA.... I was Charman od the Ninoy Aquino Movement for 10 years ands our record is untarnish. We have made many sacrifices to fight the Marcos regime and get some consciousness in Ninoy Aquino Assasination... Many of us as just Filipino-American who love our people want peace, prosperity and growth of the economy... Constructive criticism are welcome... Thasnk you Dedette Andrea aquino

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This is a comment on "NaFFAA NEOs in Collision Course with Consul General Paynor Over President Aquino’s Visit to Northern California"
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