It's True that a NaFFAA Official Berated Consul General Paynor Print
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Monday, 20 September 2010 23:46
It is high time that the NaFFAA leadership formally face the issues raised, rebutt the allegations and move on. The NaFFAA leadership should also embrace an all-inclusive stance in dealing with the community -- with the end in view of evolving cohesiveness. A prominent NaFFAA official recently berated the Philippine Consul-General in San Francisco for not following his advice about arrangements for the visit of PNOY. The Con-Gen meekly commented that he was simply following orders from the Palace. The NaFFAA official involved should exercise diplomacy, especially since he is aspiring to be appointed as Philippine Ambassador to the US. He can no longer return to a public post in the US after alienating many of his compatriots and constituencies. NaFFAA has potential in mobilizing the energies of Fil-Ams but its leaders should recognize the sensitivities of the Filipino community and the need to be selfless.

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