Perhaps Pakyaw Doesn't Even Know the Meaning of "Protocol" Print
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Sunday, 07 November 2010 17:13
LOLO Bobby, We can't really fault Pakyaw for his ignorance in protocols. He probably doesn't even know what that word (protocol) means. We should blame those people who idolize this moron and illiterate clown and voted for him as a congressman. BTW, has he come clean yet about his steroid use? Are they going to test him before his fight against this (what's-his-face-name) unknown boxer? Of course, he'll win this "farcical" fight again and Filipinos all over the world will, once again, rejoice in his "farcical" win. Please count me out as one those Filipinos na bilib na bilib kay Pakyaw. Just like you, LOLO, I am a believer in calling a spade a spade. Perhaps, we're soul mates, ha? Our difference, I think, is that I am more obnoxious than you. My Filipino readers don't call me OJ, as in "Obnoxious Jesse," for nothing. A few, of course, thinks I am a "darling." LOL. And, LMFAO, too So there. Take care. Jesse Jose Seattle, WA

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