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Friday, 12 November 2010 23:55
Kuya Jesse, Another marvelous column. Needless to say, Vietnam vets are treated much better today, than when I came home from my first tour of duty from there. I remember flying back in my dress blues as young third class in '67. Back then we flew into Travis, then in a bus to San Francisco. I had heard stories of vets being mistreated, but didn't realize how bad until we got off the bus. Shunned, we were also called "baby killers", some of us even spit upon. I never understood this. I served my country honorably, and had nothing to do with the death of any civilians, much less babies. When I got home to Colorado Springs, I received the same shunning. Even one of my sisters tried calling me names, when she and her boyfriend picked me up at the airport. Needless to say I let out my anger and displeasure on her, to the point of asking her to let me out of the car. She stopped running her mouth. When we got home, my dad chewed her out and made her apologize when he learned what had happened. For a long time, until I reenlisted in the Navy in '72, after being out for four years, I never mentioned my time in the Navy, outside family and friends. I didn't need the abuse nor try to defend my service to my country. It is much better now. People often thank me for my service - a good feeling comes over me when they do. But it still could be better, especially for the active duty soldiers and sailors. Hopefully, the new Congress will make efforts in that direction. GO NAVY! Gerry Garrison Auburn, WA

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