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Monday, 15 November 2010 10:43
thanks tocayo for sharing that funny bit. i know that you are one of the best when it comes to satire so i am suggesting you write about this topic on pacquiao: "poor 14-year old leaves home and sells doughnuts and sleeps on the streets of manila. through sheer determination and brawn he becomes world champion and undisputed record holder of 8 world boxing titles. he earns many millions and befriends powerful politicians and is elected congressman of his hometown. after a few years, from worldwide popularity, he was elected the president of his country. one of his first acts as president was to arrest all the corrupt leaders of the country and throw them in prison, among them mrs. marcos and her children, FVR and his corrupt generals, erap and his sons, gloria and her husband and sons, chavit singson and his jueteng lords, pnoy and his sisters, the supreme court justices and all the corrupt judges and lawyers of the land, etc, etc, etc. and the filipinos lived happily ever after." Bobby Manasan "Why independence, if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow?" - Dr. Jose Rizal "There is no worst tyrant than one who was only yesterday a slave." - William Faulkner

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