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Monday, 15 November 2010 14:44
LOLO Bobby, Sa headline pa lang, I was already in the pit of LMFAO! Eh, kabog pala itong si "El Margarita." Ang laki-laking kabog. May I make a suggestion? Perhaps in the "menu," they should add, "Mexican Hot Dog Ala-Kabog." In honor of "El Margarita, the Patsy-ta." So, as I've said, in a future Pakyaw's fight, I will, once again, bet my piggy bank full pennies. There were no takers on my bet. Okey ngarud, take care now. BTW, I have a story for my Kapeng Barako column on this fight that's being concocted in my head right now. As soon as it's fully concocted, I'll put it down on paper and shoot it over to you. Gimme me a couple of days. Matanda na rin itong oven ko sa ulo ko, kasi eh. Kaya medyo matagal ng mag-concoct ng "halo-halo." Jesse

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