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Tuesday, 07 December 2010 14:31
Hi, JJ: You raised a valid point: the Philippine word origin has royalty tacked in it. That is why, former Sen. Eddie Ilarde tried to change the name of our beloved motherland to "Maharlika," which means "free people." Perhaps, Mr. Ilarde did not want us to be identified with a royalty that enslaved and oppressed his own people. I agree with you that the 'PHL" initial maybe wrong for "fill," "feel," "fell," or "peel," but those are words that are closely associated phonetically with it. As to the "Botomo," your description of it was the main reason, I do not subscribe to this Listserv (note use of this trademark name as one word without "e" at the end and it starts with capital "L") newsgroup discussion. But it can also mean, "your vote" to make it more palatable. Thanks for reading my column. JGL

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